Can a Felon Vote in Nebraska?

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According to the Brennan Centre for Justice at the New York University School of Law, voting rights for felons are reinstituted two years following the completion of a prison sentence. Nebraska bars voting rights to felons who have been convicted of treason until they have civil rights separately restored.

Felon Voting Law in Nebraska

According to the State of Nebraska Board of Pardons, Nebraskans who once had felony convictions were not able to vote during their lifetime at all. However, a state law in 2005 changed this ruling. Currently, the law automatically reinstates the right to vote for felons after two years of completing their sentence, probation or parole.

However, if you are convicted of treason under the laws of the US or the state, you must apply to have your civil rights restored by means of a pardon. If a pardon is granted, you can vote. If you are convicted of a felony outside of Nebraska, then you can vote in Nebraska two years after prison discharge.

Nebraska law also ensures that felons will not give up their voting rights and voter registration if they are awaiting trial during an incarceration. Felons can also vote in all state and federal elections if they are in jail for a misdemeanor crime.

How a Felon in Nebraska Can Restore Their Voting Rights

After two years of completing your sentence, you can register just like other Nebraskans. A felon is eligible to vote if –

· He is a US citizen and resides in Nebraska

· He is 18 years of age before the first Monday in November

· He has waited the allotted two years from the time he completed his sentence

· He is found to be mentally competent

You can vote by going to the Election Commissioner’s Office of the County Clerk and completing a registration form. You can also obtain a form online on the Secretary of State’s website. Forms are also available at the public library or one of the state agencies. Mail the form, when completed, to the election commissioner’s office of the county clerk. Obtain more information by clicking on this site.

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