Nebraska Reentry Programs

Nebraska Reentry Programs

Nebraska Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Nebraska.

‘Ban the Box’ in Hiring Program– Ban-the-box laws don’t prevent employers from rejecting applicants because of their criminal pasts. However, they typically prohibit asking the question or running a criminal background check until the first or second interview or until an offer is made. The goal is to prevent employers from blackballing people based solely on their criminal background.

Construction Training Program for Inmates – The 10-week course puts inmates in a classroom for about five weeks and on a job site for another five weeks. The course provides inmates who graduate a pre-apprenticeship certificate through the Home Builders Institute. The course also provides inmates with first aid and CPR training, making them more employable and reducing the cost of training for their future employers. The program also provides resume-writing and job-interview training for inmates, as well as helps them find jobs.

Lincoln Sex Offender Program – The state will provide money for a Lincoln-based outpatient treatment program that provides treatment to some sex offenders who are trying to avoid reoffending. The program is known as STOP. It offers a mix of therapy types to help offenders adapt after being in prison or in the state psychiatric hospital in Lincoln.

NDCS Reentry initiative – In an overview of the new NDCS Reentry initiative, the main points of successful reentry include“reducing the likelihood of continued criminal behavior,” “providing a plan for assessing and addressing risks and needs,” providing a smooth transition of a former inmate into his/her community by focusing on discharge planning, family reunification, life skills, and meaningful work, and provides opportunities for career development and placement as a means of supporting oneself and one’s family.

Nebraska Job Training Program – A new program will help provide job training to parolees and minimum-security inmates to help reduce the chances of them returning to prison. The state recently awarded $6.2 million in grants to eight organizations across Nebraska to provide training to nearly 1,500 felons.

Parolees for Life on Outside (New Program) – Parolees and minimum-security inmates will receive job training and other support through three Lincoln organizations in a state-funded effort to keep them from returning to prison. The Center for People in Need, Released and Restored Inc. and the Mental Health Association of Nebraska are among eight organizations statewide that received grants totaling $6.2 million to train nearly 1,500 felons.

ReEntry Aftercare – Reentry AfterCare has been a critical component of Nebraska’s inmate community transition initiative. Paul Harrison, the Agency’s founder and National Director, has provided training events in Nebraska for our coalition of faith based and community service providers to enhance knowledge and raise consciousness of reentry challenges faced by inmates.

Reentry Furlough Program (RFP) The Reentry Furlough Program (RFP) is a very structured program that may include restitution, drug and alcohol testing, community based treatment opportunities, itineraries, electronic monitoring and may include any other condition necessary for their successful participation in the program. Our Adult Parole Administration and staff from our Community Corrections Centers work very closely with local law enforcement to supervise these offenders.

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