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Welcome to Jobs For Felons Hub!

With over 150,000 monthly website visitors and 10,000+ email subscribers, we are the largest FREE resource on the internet focused on helping felons get employed and have successful reentry into society after prison.

​You're probably thinking, "That's nice, but how can you help me?"  We're glad you asked! Below is a list of the different resources we've created to help YOU.

Jobs For

Helping felons find jobs is the core of what we do and why this website was created.  We have in-depth lists of jobs for felons by city and state, companies that hire felons, job training resources, and even our own job board.  

FREE Guide: Jobs For Felons

Getting employed with a felony isn't easy and we've created this guide to help. Whether you're looking to work for others, or want to become self employed, this guide will explain your options and some tips along the way.

Legal Representation

We're very proud to say that we've established partnerships that help our visitors connect with lawyers to get FREE legal consultations.  Whether it be felony expungement, criminal defense, or other legal issues, our partners can help!

Companies That Hire Felons

Some folks as us if we have a list of companies that hire felons.  The answer to this question is a resounding yes.  But, keep in mind, these companies may not be hiring right now.  

Jobs That Hire Felons

While our job listings are helpful, sometimes people just want to understand what jobs they should try to apply to before submitting applications.  This section gives a full list of many great opportunities.


Sometimes it's just better to get help from a reentry program in your local area because they specialize in what you need.  With that being said, we've listed all of the different reentry programs that we could find.

Housing Resources

Aside from finding a job after being released, another difficult task is finding a place to live.  We've compiled helpful information on a state-by-state basis to help you find affordable housing.


Throughout the country there are many different temp agencies that are willing to work with felons.  We've compiled a list of them for every state to help you find a job quickly.

Education For Felons

Most felons think there is no way to go back to college after being a convicted felon.  But guess what?  It's very possible and you may still qualify for federal student aid, even with a felony!

Helpful Resources

There are many resources out to help felons, but most people don't know they exist. Things  like a website to build your resume, a company that sells services to reduce the cost of calls from prisons, and more.

Voting Rights For Felons

Regardless of the state you live in, your voting rights were impacted by your felony record.  Every state policy is different, and here you can learn about the state you live in and how to vote again.

Answers to Common Questions

Q:  Who are the folks behind JobsForFelonsHub.com?

A:  Good question, we're flattered you asked!  You can learn more about us by clicking here.​

Q:  How accurate is the information on this website?

A:  Though we don't have many on our staff, we do everything we can to make sure the data on our website is accurate and current.  It may not be 100% perfect all the time, but it's the best resource out there.

Q:  How does this website make money to survive?

A:  Our website survives off of contributions, ad revenue, and affiliate partnerships.  While this provides some income, the majority of our income is reinvested back into our website to help more people.