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  • Finding Employment Small Business

    Why Don’t Companies Hire Felons?

    Why dont companies hire felons
    There are approximately 12 million people in the U.S. with a felony conviction. Each year 650,000 inmates are released from prison.  A study showed that fewer than 45% were employed after eight months. Estimates indicate that the unemployment rate among offenders is 25-40%. These figures show the...
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  • Traveling

    Can a Felon Travel to Punta Cana?

    Can felons travel to punta cana
    Remember the day when life was more carefree, before that felony conviction? Felons may be able to recall having taken a trip to the beach, any beach.  That was an awesome experience! Now that their incarceration has ended, they may once again give thought to a trip to the beach. In the past, tha...
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  • Civilian Rights Traveling

    Can a Felon Move Out of the Country?

    Can a felon move out of the country
    As those who have been convicted of a felony realize, life as they knew it prior to the conviction is over. That doesn’t mean that life is over, just that nothing will ever be the same again. Some felons believe that no matter what they do, their felony conviction will prevent them from succeedi...
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