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  • Education

    Do Colleges Run Background Checks?

    do colleges run background checks
    Felons typically find that most things are challenging when they return to society, especially finding a job. Much of society seems to turn its back on felons, and opportunities are not easily found. Often, felons must consider different options, including returning to school for additional educat...
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  • Finding Employment

    Can a Felon Become a Petroleum Engineer?

    can a felon become a petroleum engineer
    When it comes to getting a job after their release from prison, many felons may find it challenging. Jobs they once had are lost, and careers may be gone. Felons may think no one will hire them, but there are resources available. Many employers have discovered that felons make good employees, alth...
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  • Civilian Rights Legal Issues

    Can a Felon Become a Foster Parent?

    Can a felon become a foster parent
    Felons are typically incarcerated for a number of years and separated from their families. All involved suffer from this time apart. When felons do return home, they are eager to rejoin their family. They may already have children or may even want to offer children without a stable family situatio...
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