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  • Legal Issues

    Can a Felon Have Power of Attorney?

    Can a Felon Have Power of Attorney
    For those who have had a family member need someone to make decisions for them, or who required that for themselves during their legal struggles, a power of attorney may have been sought. In each case, someone was appointed to have power of attorney for the other person. This blog post will addres...
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  • Finding Employment Legal Issues Small Business

    Can a Felon Get a Liquor License?

    Can a Felon Get a Liquor License
    Release from prison is only the first of many challenges for felons, but there are resources available for those that may not believe they can get a job. Those who have hired felons have discovered that they make good employees. Felons with previous experience in the food and drink industry may th...
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  • Civilian Rights Legal Issues

    Can a Felon Get a Green Card?

    Can a Felon Get a Green Card
    Felons face many restrictions on their rights following a conviction. They lose the right to vote, hold public office, and serve on a jury. As natural citizens of the United States, citizenship is not lost as a result of a felony conviction. But, what about those felons who want to become U. S. ci...
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