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  • Our website is dedicated to helping those who have gone through the criminal justice system and are looking for successful reentry into society. This is more than just a website, it's a community of people helping each other that was created by those who want to help get felons back to work and live normal lives. If this is your first time visiting our website, we recommend you visit our Jobs For Felons page to start your job search, or go to our getting started page to understand all of the information and resources we have available.
    • Civilian Rights Legal Issues Traveling

      Can a Felon Move to Another State?

      can a felon move to another state
      Remember the day when life was more carefree, before that felony conviction? Felons may be able to recall the days when they traveled freely.  Not only that, but many probably remember the times that they moved from one state to another.  Those were the days. Now that they have completed that lo...
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    • Civilian Rights Government Programs Military

      Can a Felon Join the Peace Corps?

      Can a felon join the peace corps
      Getting a job with a felony, while not at all easy, is not impossible.  It just seems that way. Many felons may have had the desire before their felony conviction to be of service to others, to make a difference to people in another country. This blog post will cover the question of whether felon...
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    • Traveling

      Can a Felon Travel to Colombia?

      Can a felon travel to colombia
      Many felons can recall having the desire to travel back when life was different and simpler, before their felony conviction. They may have dreamed of traveling abroad before their conviction, and for some this may have been a reality. This blog post will address the question of whether a felon can...
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