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Jobs For Sex Offenders

Jobs for Sex Offenders
After a criminal conviction, trying to begin a career in any field is challenging. The consequences of having a felony criminal conviction, often and unfairly, extend to life after serving a prison sentence. Perhaps the most significant challenge comes in finding a job after a sex-related convicti...
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What Does Felony Arraignment Mean?

What does felony arraignment mean
You have been arrested and taken to jail. You want to know what happens now. For those who may not be familiar with the process, let’s take a look at exactly what will happen. This will not erase the charges, but at least it will give you a good idea of exactly what will happen […]...
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What is a Deferred Sentence?

What is a Deferred Sentence
For those convicted of a crime for the first time, they may have had the experience of being offered a deferred sentence in exchange for a guilty plea or one of no contest.   What exactly does that mean? What is a deferred sentence, and how does that come about? Let’s take a look and understan...
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Can a Felon Become a Mayor?

Can a Felon Become a Mayor
After their release from prison, many felons look for ways to reenter society and once again become a productive citizen. Some may have had previous political aspirations while for others this may be an entirely new idea.   Holding public office as a way of contributing to society may be a possi...
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Does Target Run Background Checks?

Does Target Run Background Checks
While getting out of prison can be a huge relief for felons, there is also a great deal of anxiety that comes along with it. This is especially true in looking for a job.  Felons who may have previously worked in a retail store might consider applying at a place like Target. Part of the […...
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