Highest Paying Jobs for Felons

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Obtaining a job can be challenging if you have just been released from prison. That is why it is good to find out which jobs will pay the most. Usually, it is best to choose high-paying blue-collar jobs if you want to ensure you receive an income that will meet you and your family’s needs. Check out the following occupations if you are currently seeking employment.

Top Jobs for Felons That Pay the Most

1) Offshore Driller

Another field where a felon can get a high-paying job is off-shore drilling. While oil drillers make decent money, they also are required to spend around 3 weeks to a month on an oil rig. This is usually followed by a two-week break. The job is available primarily in such areas as the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

2) Become a Freelance Writer

If the manual labor stuff doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, maybe it’s time to consider working as a writer.  Now that technology has made it convenient, it’s quite easy to get a job online and write content for other people’s websites.  You can find a lot of job listings over at Upwork.com if you’re interested.

3) Construction Jobs

Whether you work on the clean-up crew or obtain a job as a carpenter, the construction trade is an ideal way to get back into mainstream society. Construction jobs can include day labor employment and trade jobs, such as welder, insulation installer, drywall installer, plumber and electrician. While you need the training to be an electrician, you can start out with little or no experience if you want to join a crew installing insulation.

If pay is a concern, then look into the offerings in the construction field. Locate in an area where construction workers are needed throughout the years such as the Southwest, where the temperatures are warm and moderate. Working construction in colder climates can be difficult, especially if you need to work during the wintertime.

4) Start a Blog

This one isn’t necessarily a quick way to earn money, but if you’re looking at a long term strategy to make GREAT money, this is a good way to go.  We recommend that you start by clicking this link, which will help you understand everything you need to know when it comes to starting a blog of your own.  And if you’re thinking that blogs don’t make much money, it’s probably best that you view these blog income reports to understand what it can grow into.

5) Delivery Work

Working as a delivery person for a pizza place or restaurant is also another avenue you can take if you want to get paid a better wage for your efforts. That is because delivery people often get tips. Therefore, even if you receive the minimum wage, you do get a little extra money for your efforts.

6) Receptionist

As long as you apply for jobs where cash handling is not involved, you have a pretty good chance of landing a job as a receptionist. Working for a contractor or as a front desk presence for a company will reap you better pay and benefits.

7) Telemarketer

Telemarketing companies are revolving doors, so to speak, when it comes to hiring employees. However, that means you can also quickly obtain employment when you choose this kind of job. Phoenix is a good place to obtain this type of job as you often can get hired and paid the same week. The hourly wage is also very good in this part of the country.

8) Translator

If you can speak English and another language, then obtaining a job as a translator is a good pick. You can find a number of translation sites online to which you can apply. They always have a need for someone who can speak well in more than one language.

9) Salesperson

You can also find work as a salesperson in showrooms, boutiques, and small markets. Many of these places will naturally hire you if you exhibit the right persuasive skills.

10) Website Developer

Another great job for those that want to work from home and make good money is a website developer.  Of course, you’re going to need to have some training to do this, but salaries in this area are significantly higher than in most professions.  If computers don’t completely scare you, check out these courses (and get a free month of access) to get the training you need to begin.

11) Become a YouTuber

While most people don’t consider it a “real job”, YouTubers can make a significant amount of money once they’re established.  Even better?  Nowadays all that you need is a mobile device and a personality to succeed.  YouTubers make money with YouTube ads, sponsorships, and growing brands outside of the platform.  You might be surprised to learn that there are some YouTubers out there that make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month.  Is this common?  Absolutely not, but it can be done.

Other Jobs

Felons can also obtain jobs as used car dealers, janitors, and cooks. Many of these jobs, just like the above-listed jobs, do not require a background check. The employer just needs someone to work. You can find a well-paying job as a felon. You may have to start out with a lower-paying job at first but you can eventually find higher-paying employment. You just need to know where to look.

List of Employers That Will Hire Felons

Not everyone who visits our website realizes this, but we have an excellent list of companies that hire felons available.  For access, simply click here and you can view the 100+ companies that we know of that are willing to hire felons.

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    I have a few questions regarding where I can apply for overseas opportunities? I wish to find some help please. Hope to hear from someone who can give me some advice.

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  2. I think now days being scared to get a job because of your past… Is a thing of the past. I let it hold me up for way too long and thought i couldnt get a decent job because of my record.
    Well i found a place that accepts me for who i am and what ive done in my past and they have given me a whole location and a couple employees to manage as well.
    Good jobs are out there. Self evaluate and find what your good at and pave your own way. If your good people will hire you!!

    • Mike, thank you for posting such a posituve response! My son is goung for an engineering degree and is worried that he wint be able to fubd a job. i cant wait to show him yoyr words of encouragement 🙂

  3. It depends on what state you live in. In my border state in the Southwest there are NO jobs for felons you get tossed aside. Even the trades thumb their noses. You have to learn to work for yourself otherwise there is NO hope.

  4. Mike, thank you for posting such a positive response! My son is going for an engineering degree and is worried that he won’t be able to find a job. I cant wait to show him your words of encouragement 🙂


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