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  • Civilian Rights Legal Issues

    Will a Felony Get You Deported

    Not all who commit felonies are U.S. citizens.  Most felons in U.S. prisons are citizens of the United States. There are currently 45,000 federal inmates that are non-citizens, approximately 21.9% of the total federal prison population, while 11.9% of federal inmates are illegal immigrants. This ...
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  • Traveling

    Can a Felon Travel to South Korea

    Many felons can recall wanting to travel back when life was different and simpler, before their felony conviction. They may have dreamed of traveling abroad before their conviction, and for some this may have been a reality. This blog post will address the question of whether a felon can travel to...
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  • Finding Employment Mindset

    Will a Felony Prevent You From Getting a Job

    For those just getting out of prison and remembering what life was like prior to incarceration, they may recall a time when they were employed, working at a career they thought was fulfilling. Once they return home and begin that new job search, however, they quickly find out the reality of life f...
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