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    Can a Felon Get on a Military Base?

    Can a Felon Get on a Military Base
    Now that they are out of prison, many felons think of those personal visits they had while incarcerated. They often know someone, family or friend, who is in the military. They want to be able to extend the same compassion shown to them by visiting someone in the military. But, can a felon get on ...
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  • Finding Employment Legal Issues

    Can a Felon Get a Tattoo License?

    can a felon get a tattoo license
    Felons may think no one will hire them after serving their sentence, but there are resources available. Many times it takes learning a new trade or starting a different career. Those who do give felons a chance find that they make good employees. For those with experience in tattooing, becoming a ...
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  • Civilian Rights Legal Issues

    Can a Felon Get an Enhanced Driver’s License?

    Can a Felon Get an Enhanced Driver’s License
    By the time he or she is released, a felon’s driver’s license has usually expired, or the offense resulted in his or her license being revoked. It can be challenging to get a driver’s license again and be able to travel. This blog post will address the issue of whether or not a felon can [&h...
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