Does Charter Communications hire felons?

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Charter Communications is an American cable telecommunications company, which offers their services to consumers and businesses under the branding of Charter Spectrum. Providing services to 5.9 million customers in 29 states, it is the third-largest cable operator in the United States by revenue, behind Comcast and Time Warner Cable, and by residential subscriber lines it is the tenth-largest telephone provider. In late 2012, the company announced plans to relocate its headquarters from St. Louis, Missouri, to Stamford, Connecticut.
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Does Charter Communications hire felons?

Based on our research, it appears that Charter Communications doesn’t hire felons.  It should be noted that we compile this information from various internet resources and we cannot guarantee that every company location will feel the same way.  However, from what we have seen in our research, it doesn’t appear that someone can work at Charter Communications with a felony.

Since Charter Communications doesn't hire felons, where else can I work?

Just because you are unable to work at Charter Communications with a felony, doesn’t mean that there is nowhere else to work. In fact, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of over a hundred really large companies that actually do hire felons.


Is Charter Communications a good place to work?

  • Sorry, as of now we don’t have any rankings about if this company is a good place to work.

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