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Expunge or Seal Your Criminal Record

The #1 problem for people who visit our website is the felony on their record.  But what if there was a way to get rid of that felony so that when employers submitted a background check, nothing was found?  There is, and it's called felony expungement.  We contacted numerous companies that specialize in felony expungement and after many discussions, we're proud to announce our affiliate partnership with WipeRecord.

What's WipeRecord?  Glad you asked.​

WipeRecord is a company that focuses exclusively on sealing and expunging criminal records for those that need a second chance. Because of their focus in felony expungement, they are cheaper and faster than the competitors.  Below are some highlights of why we partnered with WipeRecord.

  • They let you take a FREE eligibility test to determine if you qualify for record sealing or expungement.
  • ​We personally spoke with one of their managing partners and not only is he a good guy, but he's passionate about helping felons.
  • Because expungements are their specialty, they cost significantly less than a local lawyer, can get it done quickly, and they even have a money back guarantee on their legal fees if it doesn't work!
  • Once your record is cleared, they send out a record clearing update to over 650 background check companies to make sure your past offenses get removed from their databases.
  • They can help clear multiple convictions and have flexible payment plans if the cost is a little more than you can afford at one time.
  • They have over 100 years of combined experience, an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and ONE focus, which is eliminating felonies from your record.

In a world full of companies who will try to take advantage of felons with false promises, WipeRecord is a breath of fresh air that actually does what they say they'll do for a reasonable cost.  All you need to do is call the number below or click the button below to take the FREE eligibility test to see if you qualify.

Here's Some Interesting Statistics...

60 % 3 in 5 American Businesses Have a Negative Impression of Applicants With Criminal Records
92 % 92% of American Companies Conduct Background Checks - It's practically unavoidable
50 % A Criminal Record Reduces Your Chances of a Job Offer by 50% - Even if You're Qualified

How Can WipeRecord Help You?

WipeRecord focuses exclusively on eliminating or sealing the felony on your record.  But what exactly will that entitle you to in the future?  What are you able to potentially do without a felony on your record?

  • Get employed again and make the money you deserve
  • Be eligible to vote again, regardless of the state you live in
  • Be allowed to purchase and use firearms responsibly
  • Travel internationally without any restrictions
  • Reduce the cost of loans and insurance
  • Never worry about what shows up on your background check again
  • And most importantly...put your past mistakes behind you

Please note that WipeRecord has established a affiliate partnership with our website. This means that you are supporting our website by using these links because if you choose to use WipeRecord, at no additional cost to you, we will be given a small commission. Note that we have partnered with WipeRecord because we're sure that they will help you with your felony record and encourage you to only use them if you think they'll help you too.