What Truck Driving Schools Accept Felons?
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What Truck Driving Schools Accept Felons?

What truck driving schools accept felons

Finding a job after you have been incarcerated can difficult; however, if you know what companies hire felons, you will be just that much farther ahead in your search for a job and integration into the mainstream.

If you’re looking for a list of those companies, make sure to check out our list of 100+ companies that hire felons.

The same holds true for truck driving schools, many of which contribute to a felon’s rehabilitation and readjustment into society.  This is why so many people wonder what truck driving schools accept felons, it’s a highly desired career once your sentence is completed.

What is Covered in this Article:

  • The Appeal of Long Haul Trucking to Felons
  • Suggested Truck Driving Schools
  • Hiring Stipulations in the Trucking Field
  • One Company that Hires Felons
  • Reviewing a Company’s Hiring Requirements, Pay and Benefits
  • Trucking Company Restrictions and Allowances
  • Bonuses, Benefits and the Breakdown of Pay
  • Contacting the Trucking Companies Where You Would Like to Work

The Appeal of Long Haul Trucking

According to the site, TruckingUnlimited.com, felons who spend more than a year in prison prefer to obtain an outdoor job after their release. That is why driving a truck or working as a long-haul driver is appealing to people who have just been released from jail.

The activity involves the task of driving a truck, pays very well and, as indicated, involves working outdoors. If you feel you would like to pursue this job and do not have previous experience in the logistics or transport industry, then you will need to find out which schools are the most receptive to felon applicants.

Drivers are Needed Today

Today, there is a truck driver shortage. Therefore, your chance of getting a job hauling freight is good if you look at the companies that hire felons and further investigate their specific requirements for employment.

Popular Cities in Which to Obtain Trucking Employment

You also want to look at the cities and states that are popular venues for obtaining a trucking job. The three most popular locales currently are Nashville, Tennessee, Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, California. Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota are also places where truck driving jobs are easier to obtain.

Trucking Categories

While truck driving companies offer the same basic service, they do vary by the type of transportation they provide. The type of transport therefore is classified in relation to the type of freight that is being shipped. General freight trucking does not hold as many restrictions when it comes to hiring a candidate as specialized freight trucking. That is because specialized freight trucking typically includes the hauling of hazardous materials or refrigerated goods.  Most felons will find it hard, even impossible, to obtain a job hauling hazardous solvents and goods.

Suggested Truck Driving Schools

Some of the suggested truck driver schools that are listed below offer training to felons who meet their criteria for application:

Lincoln Land Community College offers a truck driver training program that combines classroom and on-the-road instruction

Dootson School of Trucking has been offering training in trucking for 60+ years.

TruckSchoolsUsa.com offers truck driver CDL instruction and testing too.

Beyond those schools, we’ve been provided with a full list of schools and their information which you can download by clicking here.  This list was provided us by the folks located at: C + C Recruiting

Use the above information to initiate the process to find a trucking job after you are released and have been properly trained. Look at all of your options first before you make a decision and if you’ve gotten trained correctly, there is no harm in applying to all of the schools.  There are other schools out there and may even be a better alternative specific to your state, but these are some of the more reputable schools we could find.

Hiring Stipulations in the Trucking Field

While most schools will take your money so you can train for a CDL or a job in the trucking field, you also have to be aware that you will not be short-listed if a prior felony involved a vehicular offense, such as vehicular homicide. Some trucking companies, as well, will not hire felons, even if they can drive a truck, if the crime occurred within the last 3, 5 or, or 10 years. Also, some companies only allow an applicant to have one felony – one connected to a crime that occurred over 5 years ago.  It’s difficult to answer this questions for EVERY company as there are always exceptions and each company has different views.

If you really want to get hired, it’s best to work with a recruiter who’s dealt with it before and download by clicking here.

One Company that Hires Felons

With that being said, TruckingUnlimted.com has partnered with flatbed trucking company, Safer Transportation, in an effort to find felon candidates jobs. Safer Transportation, as noted, specializes in hauling flatbed freight in the contiguous 48 states and employs truck drivers with felonies – as long as the conviction is not recent and occurred over 3 years ago.

Therefore, before you sign up for a truck driving school, you want to see exactly what requirements are set forth by certain trucking companies when it comes to hiring truck driver candidates. The idea is to give yourself the best chance for employment in the field. Therefore, do your due diligence online to see which companies are the most receptive to felons in general.

Reviewing a Company’s Hiring Requirements, Pay and Benefits

When you look on a job site, such as TruckingUnlimited.com, you will find a listing of trucking companies and their minimum hiring requirements. Viewing this type of list will give you a better idea as to what to expect when you apply to a certain freight operator or transport provider.

Trucking Company Restrictions and Allowances

Companies hiring truck drivers list the minimum age (usually 21), the starting pay, and minimum experience. If there is, for instance, a DWI restriction, it is usually about 7 years.  The maximum moving violations against an applicant in the past 3 years, whether he is a felon or not, is usually 5. The company will also indicate the time spent away from home. Many drivers can come home on the weekends if they work for a long-haul company. Some companies also offer rider programs that include traveling with one’s spouse.

Bonuses, Benefits and the Breakdown of Pay

Make sure you carefully review the bonuses and benefits when looking at a company. For example, some companies provide lay-over pay, breakdown pay, tarp pay and pay for extra pickups. Companies may also pay for loading and unloading time. However, there are companies that will not pay to load or unload in order to incentivize drivers to unload and pick up their materials with the utmost urgency.

Some companies, while paying well, do not offer drivers benefits, such as dental, vision or a retirement plan. Therefore, when you are looking at your choices, make sure you keep in mind which companies pay the best and offer the best in the way of benefits. Again, sites like TruckingUnlimited.com are a good place to start if you are a felon and want to pursue a job as a long-haul or flatbed operator.

Contact the Companies Where You Would Like to Work

You might even ask a company in which you are interested about what truck driving school or schools they recommend. After all, if they are willing to hire felons, chances are they are working with schools that are more receptive to applicants who have been convicted of felonies.

Whether you are applying to a truck driving school or a company that employs drivers, make sure you admit your past errors in judgment and explain your willingness to begin anew. Using a platform, such as TruckingUnlimited.com will assist you in your efforts in finding the ideal job.

6 responses to “What Truck Driving Schools Accept Felons?”

  1. Harvey Barber says:

    Recently just got released from prison, but I have a valid license and clean driving record. Had graduated from c1 truck driving school in ftworth Texas in 2004, my license expire in 2016. I’m trying to get in another truckdriving school that accepts recently released felons .I have no accidents on my record. Need help getting in a school.

  2. leeann.amlogistics says:

    I recruit for quite a few companies and schools. I may be able to help, no promises. It would depend on your conviction date, charge, release date and location. Did you ever get any verifiable experience with you CDL, also.

  3. Shirwin Schnell says:

    I have a domestic violence felony on my record that was 20 years ago ,, am 60 years old now and my wife and I would like a second chance

  4. Jeremy Eatmon says:

    I am interested in getting into a truck driving school. My felony is 6 is years old. No prison time. Please help. No drugs, no violence

  5. Robert Martinez says:

    I’m on parole with a clean driving record and I am working driving large commercial vehicles that do not require a CDL at the time. But, I wish to upgrade to truck driving. I live in San Bernardino and have allready traveled to the LA area. I wish to travel local for the time being. I am serious about receiving my CDL. I am looking for a company that will hire me as a felon on parole.

  6. Chad German says:

    I need to find employment preferably in the truck driving industry i need a cdl i only have one felony can’t seem to find employment

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