Can a Felon Vote in Minnesota?

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According to the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, voting rights for felons are restored once the individual completes his prison sentence, parole or probation. One coalition in Minnesota, “Restore the Vote,” supports the restoration of voting rights to felons who are either on probation or parole. According to one recent poll, about 46% of Minnesotans believe that felons living in the community who are paying taxes should be able to vote, even if they are serving time for parole or probation. You can find out more about the efforts of the coalition by following this link.

Felon Voting Law in Minnesota

According to the Secretary of State’s office in Minnesota, having a criminal record does not impact a felon’s voting rights unless he is currently serving time, including parole or probation. A felon can re-register to vote once he has fully served his sentence, including parole, probation, or other requirements, such as restitution. You can find out further information about the state voting law by visiting this link.

Currently, you can vote if –

· You are in jail, but are not currently serving time for a felony

· You have been convicted of or charged with a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor

· You are charged with a felony but have yet to be convicted

· The court has given you a stay of adjudication

· You have completely finished your felony sentence

You cannot vote if –

· You are serving a felony sentence

· Your stay of adjudication has been revoked and you are serving time for a felony

If you are currently unsure about your legal status, it is best to speak to an attorney.

How a Felon in Minnesota Can Restore Their Voting Rights

According to the Secretary of State’s website, to vote in Minnesota, you must be –

· A citizen of the US and at least the age of 18 by Election Day

· A Minnesota resident for 20 days

· An individual who has completed all parts of his felony sentence, including time for parole and probation. You must have paid all assessed fees, charges and restitution in relation to your case.

In order to register to vote in Minnesota, you can easily shorten the process by registering online. In order to register to vote online however, you will need to possess a state driver’s license or provide a state identification card number or the last four numerals of your Social Security number.

You may also download and print forms for registration. Follow the instructions on the form to complete the registration process. You can learn more about registering or regaining your right to vote by clicking on the following link.

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