Can a Felon Vote in Maine?

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Maine is an outlier when it comes to voting rights as felons can vote while in jail or after the completion of their sentence. Along with Vermont, Maine stands out as being very tolerant and lenient in its stance. You can read back-up information about Maine’s standing on the subject by clicking on this news link.

Felon Voting Law in Maine

Registering to vote in Maine has more to do with your residency versus whether or not you are a felon. To be eligible to register to vote in the state, you must prove you are a US citizen, be at least 17 years old, and must be 18 years old by the time of a scheduled general election. You can be 17 years old to vote in a primary election.

You also must show you have established and maintain a residence in the municipality where you live in the state. This municipality can include a town, city, or unorganized township where you plan to register.

Incarcerated individuals who are residing in the county jail or a state correctional facility can register to vote in Maine, provided it is in the municipality where they previously had established residency – a place that is considered a principal home or fixed residence. They should be planning to return to this residence upon discharge of their sentence. You can find out more details by clicking on this link.

How a Felon in Maine Can Restore Their Voting Rights

Besides Vermont, Maine is the only state in the US where a felon does not need to restore their right to vote once they have been released from jail or prison. Instead, they can vote while they are still incarcerated. Whether they is serving time for a crime or out on parole, they are free to vote in a primary or general election.

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