Can a Felon Vote in Colorado?

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The reinstatement of voting rights is similar to the restoration of the rights in California as felons can vote after serving prison time and completed their parole. They can also vote while they are on probation. Felons can vote if they are in jail on a misdemeanor conviction as well. You can refer to basic details by clicking on the link for the Brennan Center for Justice, which is a part of the New York University School of Law.**UPDATE** Colorado parolees can now vote after new law goes into effect.  If you’re a Parolee, there was a law passed in July of 2019 that allows you to vote.  Details can be found here.  This is great news and is a progressive move for the state of Colorado, we applaud them for their efforts.

Felon Voting Law in Colorado

The Office of the Colorado Secretary of State has outlined the voting law for felons on its site. According the Secretary of State, it is illegal, in Colorado, to cast a vote when serving a sentence in prison. However, anyone who is serving time in jail for a misdemeanor can vote. The clerk in the county where the prisoner currently resides must be notified so the address information on the voter’s ballot can be updated.

Pretrial detainees also have a right to vote. Prisoners must have their eligibility certified by an administrator in the jail where they are awaiting trial. You also have the right to vote if you are currently on bond and your criminal case is pending. The Secretary of State site also adds that anyone on probation can register to vote and cast a ballot.

Some people get confused about the difference between probation and parole. While you can vote when you are on probation a law has also made it okay to vote while on parole. A person on probation is usually serving a sentence for a crime outside a correctional facility. Probation allows the individual to remain community-based while being supervised by a probation officer. If you are on probation then, you can vote in Colorado.

How a Felon in Colorado Can Restore Their Voting Rights

According to the Secretary of State website for Colorado, you will not receive an official letter that tells you that you can vote. Instead, you simply need to fill out a voter’s registration application and mail it to the county election’s office.

If your name is still in the office’s database as being under supervision, you will receive a letter from the office about your “ineligibility.” You can respond at the time to show you completed your sentence and parole. The official in the county elections office, at that juncture, may ask that you show proof your discharge from prison, parole or supervision.

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