South Carolina Reentry Programs

South Carolina Reentry Programs

South Carolina Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of South Carolina.

Alston Wilkes Society – is a non-profit organization in Columbia, South Carolina that offers rehabilitation services.

Angels Charge Ministry– helps women in Spartanburg County prevent recidivism and rebuild their lives without condemning or judging.

AWS Community Service Program – carries mission assisting offenders, former offenders, family members and homeless individuals in rebuilding their lives as productive, law-abiding members of the community. Case management and coordination of services helps clients make a successful transition into society having a positive effect on crime reduction and prevention.

Deborah’s House (Female Ex-Offenders) – Agency provides transitional housing for women who have just been released from prison.

Hearts For Inmates – The mission of HEARTS FOR INMATES is to Help, Encourage, Aspire, Redeem, Trust and provide Support for both short and long term individuals who are incarcerated. They do this by advocating for changes within South Carolina legislation and policy changes within South Carolina The Department of Corrections and the Department of Pardon Probation and Parole.  They also work with various agencies and organizations that support and actively offer rehabilitation services that include drug and alcohol treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, transitional housing assistance, parenting courses, educational programs, financial education, job placement and training.

JumpStart Re-Entry Program – The program is designed to help inmates find stable jobs, housing and mentorship once they are released from prison.

Magdalene House of Charleston – Our goals are to offer a chance for recovery from addiction and the opportunity for safe permanent housing. In many cases, we help them achieve some sort of reunification with children and other family members. We receive many referrals from state agencies, probation officers, and local non-profits.

National HIRE Network: South Carolina is a directory of South Carolina organizations, which may be useful for people with criminal records in their transition back into their community.

New Life Deliverance Worship Center– a prisoner re-entry program list of resources.

Prosper Strong Foundation – Unemployment isn’t seasonal, which is why our  job fairs gather so much attention. Devote an afternoon to attend our workshops and see first-hand the families we help daily.  We invite anyone who has had trouble receiving a job due to background checks, disabilities or lack of experience, to participate. We have partnered with various corporations willing to give individuals a fresh start, and new outlook on life. Join us as we help catapult our community to success in the workforce.

SC Strong – “Our mission is to rehabilitate criminals and substance abusers and move people into economic self-sufficiency.”

Soteria Community Development Corporation – Soteria Community Development Corporation is committed to empowering and assisting individuals to reach their full potential. From planning skills and goal setting, to positive decision-making, we aim for everyone who walks through our doors to achieve a healthy, responsible lifestyle.

South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services: the Reentry Program Services Centers are designed to increase the likelihood that offenders will meet their financial obligations and community responsibilities, as well as successfully complete supervision. An array of human service providers are utilized to assist with vocational, employment, educational and intervention strategies to address specific needs for offenders returning to community supervision.

Step By Step Ministry HOPE Project – The mission of Step by Step Ministry Hope Project is to help returning women to re-connect with society by providing adult reentry comprehensive community-based services.

The Fort, LLC: This organization is a South Carolina based education, prevention, and intervention agency for offenders and their families.  The agency aims to facilitate transition of ex-offenders into a healthy and productive lifestyle and drastically reduce recidivism. Our focus is to align and coordinate prevention efforts across a wide range of services key to the success of the ex-offender.

Women Reaching Out – Heart of Hannah Outreach Center – Agency provides shelter for women in crisis. Offers counseling, work/study programs, life skills classes, job training, and other programs to help women become self-sufficient. Offers faith-based recovery and renewal program for women struggling to overcome addiction(s) to drugs and/or alcohol. Has approval from the Parole and Probation Board to provide transitional housing for women released from a correctional institution. Women may stay for 6 months to 1 year.

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