Pennsylvania Reentry Programs

Pennsylvania Reentry Programs

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Pennsylvania.

Adult Probation and Parole Services – Adult Probation and Parole Services supervises all adult offenders ordered by the Court of Common Pleas with probation and/or parole. Including: – General Supervision Division: Supervises the general adult offender population – Special Supervision Division: Supervises the sex offenders, domestic violence.

Allegheny County Jail Collaborative / Offender Re-Integration Program – Works to create a system of services available during incarceration and upon release, that can strengthen and support successful reentry and reintegration for offenders into their families and community and help them to sustain a productive way of living.

Ardella’s House – Ardella’s House is a service and advocacy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping Women with criminal justice histories realize new possibilities for themselves and their families. We create successful transition opportunities to Women ex-offenders returning home, aspiring to become productive residents making positive contributions their community.

Armstrong County Courthouse – Adult Probation – Provides opportunities and experiences which can have a positive influence on the offender. Individualized treatment using supervision, community resources and programs that will direct the offender toward a successful reintegration into the community.

B.I.R.D. Ministries – Providing women who have been in prison with the spiritual, emotional and practical support needed to rebuild their lives and overcome the cycle of drugs, poverty and violence that has devastated their lives and families.

Back To Society, Inc. – Provides children and family services, drug and alcohol treatment, education, finance/budgeting, health, legal services, re-entry services.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Literacy Unlocked Program) –  Although this isn’t a reentry program, it’s a program that  doesn’t get enough credit.  With Literacy Unlocked, librarians visit the local county jail and host book clubs, teach soft skills (interviewing, job searching, etc.) and they also provide story times and parenting classes.  Bur further, one of the staff at the library explained to us that at the library they have a job and career center where you can receive FREE resume assistance, cover letter help, computer classes, even practice interviews.

City Of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program – A forum for organizations and practitioners to share program findings, learn from others in the field, seek partnerships, and reduce institutional obstructions between non-profits, academia, and the criminal justice field to foster a climate of collaboration and mutual learning.

Community Service Program – The Community Service Program (CSP) provides a structured program for non-violent offenders (age 16 and up) mandated to complete community service hours.

Compassionate House Aftercare, Inc.– Individual assessment of needs, development of service plan, case management, mentor program, family reunification, employment assistance (including resume), basic computer skills and bus transportation vouchers.

Courage House Inc. – Provide certified recovery coaching management services, spiritual monitoring & re-entry programming that enhances the recovery process for those dealing with domestic violence, substance use issues, trauma and incarceration.

Eighth Avenue Place – Ex-Offender Re-Entry Support– Provides support, job training and employment postings, life skills training, Christian mentorship, Christian twelve step groups, and training in evangelism for adults who are transitioning from prison into the community.

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church – Provides children and family services, mentoring, domestic/sexual violence education, drug/alcohol support groups, GED education, employment referrals, legal/reentry services.

Free Life – AGAPE– Free Life is a program dedicated to assisting ex-offenders re-enter our community successfully, thereby reducing the rate of recidivism in Columbia and Montour County prisons.

Geo Reentry Service Centers – offers safe, secure, cost-effective reentry services for offenders released to community treatment and supervision. In Pennsylvania, GEO Reentry Services works closely with corrections and parole officials to provide evidence-based reentry services that lower costs and enhance public safety.

Goldring Reentry Initiative (GRI) – The Goldring Reentry Initiative (GRI) works with men and women roughly three months pre and three months post release from the Philadelphia Prison System to help them prepare for life on the outside.

Human Services Administration Organization – Reentry Program – Helps prevent people from returning to jail by offering pre- and post-release services. Services in the Allegheny County Jail include: job preparation, life skills, family support and relationship classes, GED preparation, Adult Basic Education, vocational education and housing preparation.

I’m FREE (Females Reentering Empowering Each Other) – I’m FREE provides gender-responsive and trauma-informed services including educational access for employment, work-readiness training, therapeutic counseling as well as life and parenting skills for women reentering society and reconnecting with their families.

Impact Service Corporation Re-Entry Programs – currently provides five programs that serve ex-offenders and one program that serves youth.

Impact Services Corporation – Re-entry Services for Ex-offenders – Impact Service Corporation has worked with ex-offenders since 1974, and understands the challenges of re-entry. Impact has developed several national award-winning programs recognized for their excellence.

In His Eyes Outreach – Women in Transition – In His Eyes Outreach provides services and resources to help women successfully transition from prison, rehabilitation or shelter back to the community.

Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization (RMO) – Provides reentry services for people recently released from prison or jail (“returning citizens”) back into Lancaster County, including case management, transitional housing, education and employment services (through PA CareerLink of Lancaster County), other supports.

Lancaster Reentry Service Center – Provides cognitive-behavioral services to state level ex-offenders to reduce criminogenic risks. Provides workforce development services to assist in gaining and enhance employment.

Life Transforming Ministries – New Mornings Reentry Services – New Mornings Reentry Services works with people who are serving time at the Chester County Correctional Center and are returning to the Coatesville area.

Lydia’s Place, Inc. – Helps ex-offenders through one-to-one mentoring, information and referral, and family activities. Pre-Release Services: Bible studies, worship services, pre-release counseling, parenting classes, and literacy tutoring.

Moore Counseling Services Ex-Offender Reentry – Programs that help people who have been released from a correctional facility make a successful transition to community life. Services generally include an assessment of the individual’s needs, discussion of options and short-term case management involving coordination of needed services.

New Directions For Women, Inc. – Provides residential counseling and case mgmt. for the women of the Philadelphia prison system. Also provides drug/alcohol treatment, employment, education, finance/budgeting, legal, family, and children’s services. Provides health information, residential-transitional services, re-entry services, and domestic/sexual violence education.

New Start II – Provides services for men who are mild to moderately mentally ill with a history of substance abuse.

PHS Roots To Re-EntryThrough an innovative green jobs initiative created by PHS and its partners, inmates of the Philadelphia Prison System are finding a path to employment in urban agriculture and landscape management enabling them to become productive members of their communities.

Program for Women and Families – Provides youth, adult offenders and their families with opportunities to build healthy, productive lives. Services include evidence-based parenting programming, cognitive behavioral life skills instruction and job readiness training designed to enable out-of-school youth on probation and adult offenders breaks.

Reading Specialists Offender Treatment Services (RSOTS) (Formerly Pennsylvania Forensics) – RSOTS provides a full continuum of offender treatment services to adolescents and adults.

Reentry Resource Center (RERC) – Provide information and referrals to individuals returning to the Berks County community after being released from jail or prison to assist in a successful reentry.

Re-Entry To Workforce Program – This effort has grown to be a platform for a much broader initiative to continue to address the reentry system in Philadelphia.

Re-Entry To WorkforceProgram – U-Belong ‘s primary focus is to aggressively and systematically reduce recidivism. We approach this by conducting social, economic, vocational, and educational base workshops with the goal of preparing our participants for sustainable employment.

Yokefellow Prison Ministry– Yokefellow Directed Life Re-Entry program provides interested inmates with 8 weeks of intensive instruction prior to release. After release, graduates of the program can access a network of local churches and community businesses.

York Community Corrections Center – our mission is to protect the public by confining persons committed to our custody in safe, secure facilities, and to provide opportunities for inmates to acquire the skills and values necessary to become productive law-abiding citizens.

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