Oregon Reentry Programs

Oregon Reentry Programs

Oregon Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Oregon.

Bothy Cottage/RISE Program – With our new RISE program inside the Bothy Cottage, we can provide greater support for mothers and their children: parenting education and counseling; a chance to share a house with other families; and a home with a play area. With RISE, children will have access to support services through one of our community partnerships.

LIFE Prison Reentry Program for Women Prisoners – The LIFE prison reentry program addresses self-employment and microenterprise development after release for women prisoners.

Mentorship Program – Mentoring convicted felons after they’ve been released from prison is an affirmation of the belief that there’s no such thing as a throw away person.

Multnomah County Re-Entry Coordination (REC) Program – The REC program is a specialized re-entry initiative for high-risk individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Unlike many re-entry programs, REC focuses its resources specifically on the people who are most likely to recidivate as determined by a risk assessment tool. The Multnomah REC program was designed to close gaps in services provided to those transitioning from prison to the community. It guides individuals awaiting release who have sought treatment while in prison and finds ways to help them continue their treatment and access services including housing, substance abuse treatment, vocational rehabilitation, peer-to-peer mentoring, and more.

Portland Partners Re-entry Initiative (PPRI) – Portland Partners Re-entry Initiative (PPRI) is a unique transition program that helps adults who have been incarcerated make the transition from prison back to the community. Volunteers of America Oregon partners for this project include SE Works, Inc., Central City Concern, and the YWCA. Participants receive employment skills training during their incarceration. Upon release, they may choose to work with mentors from the community.

Prisoner Reentry Employment Program (PREP) – Our objective is to assist formerly incarcerated individuals gain and maintain long term employment utilizing a person first workforce development approach.

Reentry Transition Center (RTC) – The RTC is here to help you, your family member or client successfully transition back into the community.

Road To Success Re-Entry Program – Road to Success is an Oregon Department of Corrections program for inmates who are six, or fewer, months away from their release dates. The program provides inmates with a self-assessment of skills, training and guidance on how to re-enter work, family and community life, after serving time within state correctional facilities. Inmate participation is voluntary and the program is designed to meet individual needs. Transition Coordinators work with inmates to jointly identify which components of the program will best assist with successful transitions back into the community.

Re-entry Transition Center (Portland) – The RTC coordinates reentry services for formerly incarcerated people and fosters the successful transition of participants from incarceration back into the community.

Men’s Transitional HousingMen’s Sponsors has several programs serving formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the community. Residential programs for men are located at: Roosevelt Crossing (74 beds including 14 “Honors” beds) Lincoln Street House (10 beds) and Ferry Street Quads (28 beds).

Women’s Transitional Housing – Worked with hundreds of women to help them successfully re-enter their Lane County community. Women who are leaving prison and jail face big challenges.

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