Florida Reentry Programs

Florida Reentry Programs

Florida Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Florida.

2nd Chance – 2nd Chance Mental Health Center is a licensed intensive outpatient treatment center for those who are diagnosed with mental health, substance abuse, or who are dually diagnosed. Using Cognitive Behavioral therapies, 2nd Chance provides a total Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program.

Abe Brown ministry is a faith-based program in Tampa that has created a 12-month program called the “Transitional Living Program”. This program accepts a limited number of motivated ex-offenders. It is designed to provide safe and appropriate housing, render assistance in locating suitable employment and maintains a mentoring program to help the ex-offender prepare to rejoin society.

CareerSource Central Florida – “We understand that as an ex-offender you may face obstacles when trying to reenter the workforce. To help you overcome these obstacles, CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) offers workshops just for you. It also offers a one-hour workshop to ex-offenders, providing them with valuable information on the barriers ex-offenders typically face as they seek to re-enter society, with specific strategies and tips to overcome those barriers. The workshop covers a variety of topics, including job training, strategies for finding a job and other resources to help ex-offenders overcome employment barriers. They also offer other resources online.

Clifford Hill Community Outreach Center, Inc. A faith-based program created to assist ex-offenders finds safe and suitable housing upon their release from incarceration. Upon acceptance into the program, ex-offenders will be placed in a furnished apartment (no deposit required) and will be given suitable clothing. The program even offers to pick up ex-offenders from the local bus stop, if possible. Participants are also offered employment opportunities.

FDOC Reentry Resources Directory – About 190 pages worth of different Florida reentry programs & resources.

His Healing Hand – We are a purpose driven ministry working with those behind bars, those returning from a time away, and those on probation or parole. Our Mission Statement; Teaching people how to submit to the Potter’s hand to be renewed, rebuilt and learn how to step forward in this life He created. The ministries are non-denominational and are located in the Orlando Metro area of Central Florida operating as the “Reentry Gateway” for reentry, renewal and recovery for those returning to the community. We teach those preparing for reentry from a time away in State of Florida or Federal Correctional Facilities and selected County Jails. We provide aftercare resources and support with our partner ministry, Final Freedom Aftercare for those that have returned. The ministries serve in Orange and Seminole Counties providing the 3 R’s- Recovery, Reentry, and Resources to enable a person to have a better transition from the “Inside” to the “Outside”

Hope Central Inc – We provide employments training, counseling, SSI/SSDI case management, able to apply for Dept of Children and families Benefits, and Hope Food Pantry.

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) – The Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (RExO)- Adult Program is designed to strengthen urban communities through an employment-centered program that incorporates mentoring, job training, and other comprehensive transitional services. This program seeks to reduce recidivism by helping former inmates find work when they return to their communities, as part of an overall effort to assist them with a successful reintegration

Pinellas County Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition (PERC) – PERC was established to address the needs of ex-offenders transitioning from incarceration back into society. We understand the difficulties and we can help. If you are returning to Pinellas County, employment, transportation, and temporary housing are just some of the services we offer.

Remar USA – A nonprofit organization, dedicated to help people with problems dealing with drugs, alcohol, homelessness and others that are  disregarded by society through our long term Christian rehabilitation program.  In Spanish REMAR is an abbreviation which means “Rehabilitation of People on the Margin of Society”.  It is an expression of part of the body of Christ through the church here on Earth.

Sex Offender Housing of Florida – Sex Offender Housing of Florida is home to men who have served their time and simply want to move on with their life. We house ex-offenders who are doing their best to stay clean and green.

Thrive For a Change of the Palm Beach – We provide the tools that help former inmates turn their lives around, one day at time. The men in our program learn the skills required to build effective relationships, take responsibility for their choices and understand the consequences of their behavior.

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