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  • Finding Employment

    Does Uber Run Background Checks?

    Does Uber Run Background Checks
    The biggest challenge felons have after their release is finding a job.  Many employers won’t hire felons or at least make it difficult for them to be hired there. Even companies known to hire felons typically do a background check. This blog post will cover whether Uber runs background checks....
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  • Civilian Rights

    Can a Felon Buy a Fishing License?

    Can a Felon Buy a Fishing License
    After felons leave prison, in addition to finding a job, many like to return to activities that they once enjoyed.  For some, this is hunting for which they are allowed to own a weapon such as a crossbow.  For others, it might be fishing. Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreational a...
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  • Finding Employment

    Can a Felon Become a Computer Programmer?

    Can a Felon Become a Computer Programmer
    Felons know all too well how difficult life is once they get that conviction.  Then when they are released, they have to find a job. While felons may think no one will hire them, there are resources available. They may have to be willing to begin a different career. This blog post will address th...
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