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  • Finding Employment

    Does Family Dollar Run Background Checks?

    Does Family Dollar Run Background Checks
    The biggest challenge facing felons after returning home is finding a job. Even companies known for hiring felons typically do a background check. While looking for work, a felon who has experience with working in retail may want to apply for a job at Family Dollar. This blog post will cover wheth...
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  • Finding Employment

    Can a Felon Get a Union Job?

    Can a Felon Get a Union Job
    Those convicted of a felony lose a number of their rights, including the right to have certain jobs or receive a license to engage in particular trades. Felons often think no one will hire them, but there are resources available. They may have to be willing to learn a new trade or start a differen...
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    Can a Felon Become an Audiologist?

    Can a Felon Become an Audiologist
    Many felons find it challenging to find a job after being released from prison. There are resources available even though felons may not believe they can find a job. Those who have hired felons have learned that they make good employees, but it might be in a different career from one felons had pr...
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