Jobs That Felons Can Get - 6 Of The Best Options
Finding Employment

Jobs That Felons Can Get

Jobs that felons can get
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If you are currently looking for a job, you cannot afford to be picky. To get your foot into the employment door fast, you need to know which jobs are the easiest to obtain. Start your job search by looking at the following jobs first before eventually settling into your niche.  Believe it or not, there are plenty of jobs that felons can get.

6 Jobs That Felons Can Get

Construction Jobs – Day Laborer

Working construction as a day laborer can assist you in earning an income fairly fast. Go to labor companies, such as Labor Ready, and sign up as a day laborer or landscaper for a company. Usually, applicants are sent out to a job site immediately and get paid the same day. If you want to join the workforce fairly fast, this is the recommended route to take.

Sales Jobs

You can also find companies that need salespeople to sell big-ticket items such as cars and appliances. While some jobs are commission-only, you can find sales jobs that pay minimum wage plus commission. If you have persuasive skills, then you will be a natural for sales.

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You can always obtain telemarketing employment, whether you are in between jobs or are just out of prison or jail. While many people are not averse to talking on the smartphone, they tend to shy away from calling customers and persuading them to buy a product or service. That makes obtaining this type of job fairly easy for anyone who has just been released from prison or jail. Usually, background checks are not required and you typically can start work the minute you are hired.


You can always find a job when it comes to cleaning up after people. Check with the janitorial companies in the area where you live. They usually will invite you in the same day to fill out an application.

Restaurant Work

You can also find work pretty quickly in a restaurant, whether it is a fine dining establishment or a fast food restaurant. Felons find it fairly easy to obtain jobs as cooks, servers, dishwashers and bussers.

Door-to-door Canvasser

If a company is hiring in your area, you can obtain a job superfast as well that entails canvassing from door to door. For example, Avon is a company that is known to hire felons. Also, you can obtain employment by going to restaurants and service companies by offering to pass out flyers or door hangars.

Tips for Applying for Jobs

When you are applying or contracting employers for any of the above jobs, make sure you dress neutrally and cover any tattoos. Also, bring a resume that is specifically geared to the type of employment you are seeking. You probably will not be able to demonstrate a strong job history. However, you can make the most of your skills you have by displaying the knowledge you have acquired so far.

In some instances, you will be the actual “resume” as you will need to show, by your personality and persuasiveness, that you are the ideal applicant.  Remember, even when things aren’t going your way, there are plenty of other jobs that felons can get too.  This isn’t an exclusive list, this is just a small sample size.


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7 responses to “Jobs That Felons Can Get”

  1. Derrick B.Wilson says:

    I am very be much needing a job.I am a skilled welder but any labor type job is great.I have a felony,no car or ca.driver lic. I live in Huntington Beach,can.

  2. Deborah J. says:

    Most jobs you apply for ask for reliable transportation.

  3. Need a Job says:

    I am in Houston, Tx and I am in need of a job. It has been very difficult. I do have reliable transportation.

  4. Kathleen J Washpon says:

    What skills or experience do you have?

  5. Tim Lewis says:

    Forklift operator/ warehouse/ shipping receiving

  6. Elissa Damron says:

    I am in Pikeville Ky and I am in need of a job. It has been very difficult. I do have reliable transportation. I have obtained all 3 Associate Degrees and I am a Certified Braille Transcriber, Amy job would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  7. Reginald Stokes says:

    I’m a felon in the Charlotte area looking for a job. My felony was an assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury on 02/2015 I did 23 months in the Department of Corrections and was released 02/2017. I’m looking for a second chance. I will be moving to Gastonia November 1st.

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