Does Huddle House Hire Felons?

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Huddle House was founded in 1964 by John Sparks. Having already opened a few restaurants under various names, he needed a great name for his restaurant chain. One evening in Decatur, Georgia, he saw a boy meeting friends after football practice holding his helmet in one hand and a football in the other. It looked as if the group were huddled up talking and laughing together. It was at that moment he decided that Huddle House was the perfect name for the restaurant chain and it would be the place where folks would gather, or huddle up, for great food and good times after Friday night football games. So, with its new name, Huddle House was born.

Is Huddle House a good place to work?

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Does Huddle House Hire Felons?

Based on our research, it appears that Huddle House does hire felons.  It should be noted that we compile this information from various internet resources and we cannot guarantee that every company location will have an open mind about hiring a felon.  However, from what we have seen in our research, it does appear that someone can work at Huddle House with a felony.

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