Government Grants for Felons

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In order to receive government assistance through a grant, you need to know the definition of a grant. A grant is funding that is provided to an individual that is not repaid. As a result, grants are given on a basis of need. In other words, if you have a job and are making $50,000 per year, you usually are not a viable candidate for a grant.

However, if your salary for the year falls around $10,000 or less, you would be able to get the money as you have shown you have a need for the grant. Grants can either issued by the federal or state government. Private institutions can also be a source of grants.

Major Points Covered in this Article:

  • Definition of a Grant
  • Grants from the Department of Labor
  • Applying for a Pell Grant
  • Where to Obtain Further Details
  • Filling Out the Grant Application

Grants from the Department of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration offers several grant programs for felons who are out of prison or felons that are categorized as pre-release. These grants are also provided to people who have a need in this area who are not felons.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has been legislated to assist displaced workers. You can find out more information along these lines by visiting a One Stop Career Center, one of the resources that is designed to help felons obtain grants and financial assistance for job training. The WIOA’s mandates also are coordinated and designed in connection with American Job Center locations.

Consider bringing this up when you reach out to companies that hire felons and begin applying.  Sometimes they aren’t aware of this grant and it might be something that gives you a better chance to get employed.

Applying for a Pell Grant

Felons who wish to further their education can do so by applying to receive money through a Pell Grant. While past incarceration for drug-related charges will bar you initially from receiving Pell Grant money, you can still overcome this obstacle by completing a drug rehabilitation program and passing two random drug tests.

The Pell Grant program can be employed through any approved trade school or college. Since many white collar occupations are known to discriminate against felons, it may be more worth your while to review trade schools that offer training for blue collar jobs.

Trade school offerings include courses that lead to jobs as a welder, electrician, roofer, carpenter or CAD and HVAC drafter. Job and training experts have found that trade type jobs or construction contractors present more opportunities for felons than employers who offer white collar employment. When applying for a Pell grant then, felons should strongly think about the focus of their career to make the best use of the money.

Scholarships for felons are similar to grants as they do not need to be paid back as well. However, the difference between a grant and scholarship is the source of the funding. Scholarships are usually given by schools or institutions. Awards of $1,000 to $5,000 sometimes are given for simply writing an essay.

Where to Obtain Further Details

In order to obtain full particulars about grant funding and receipt, visit This site can lead you to other websites that can offer more information about how to obtain funds that can assist you in getting a job or paying utilities or housing.

Filling Out the Grant Application

What most felons need is a resource and to follow through on the steps of the funding process. Therefore, be sure, when you are applying for a grant that you know all the paperwork you need and what steps are needed to be successful. Read the information for the grant application carefully so you don’t leave out any details that may be required at a future date.

Making sure you completely fill out the application for the grant will help streamline the process and keep you from experiencing any unwanted delays. It can take a while to obtain funding anyway. However, if you practice patience, you will reap the financial rewards that can assist you in becoming acclimated to living, once again, in the mainstream.

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7 thoughts on “Government Grants for Felons”

  1. Swift Transportaion and Ram Trucking ADVERTISE that they are willing to help convicted felons through federal programs but because I was incarcerated for 15 years and just recently got out and have only obtained my drivers licence for 1 month I was immediately turned down.

  2. I would like to open a bakery. I received all of my restaurant management, food safety, and state culinary certifications while incarcerated in 2015.

  3. In 2014 I pleaded guilty to drug charges that I never commited. I was told if I take it to trial I’ll sit in jail 90days but if i say guilty i get released on the spot. I really wanted to fight the case. I knew I was innocent no doubt about it but 90days in jail?…no way! Plus I was so worried about my pit bulls at home. I felt my dogs were unprotected without me there. Who knows what this evil woman will do. If she was capable of lying to cops about me means she’ll do anything. I was upset but very worried about my dogs. I never thought saying I was guilty in order to get released was going to ruin my life like this. I had no idea the charge was a type of felony that excludes me from government help, it disqualifies me instantly for Grants. I can’t get any help. Other type of felons are eligible for grants and other assistance but not me. I cant get a job anywhere. I cant pay my rent or buy groceries and feed my dogs. This woman was so envious of me and hated she me badly. I dont see the way out of this. Im not guilty of anything but I said I was. Now what can I do?

  4. I have a felony record and having a difficult time finding employment, Alia the fact or not having a drivers license is no help. Employers ask or want both.
    So now I’ve got a plan to go into business for myself.
    I’d like to apply for a government felons grant.

  5. I am a felon for driving offenses.i went to a tech school through college and credit is bad,I want to start up my own service station but I dont have any funds.what should I do?


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