Can a Felon Vote in Rhode Island

Felons who reside in Rhode Island can vote again once they are released from prison. Felons who are not incarcerated can vote as well. Therefore, felons who are on parole or on probation, or who are not incarcerated do not give up the right to vote.

Felon Voting Law in Rhode Island

If you live in Rhode Island, you can vote once you are released from prison. If you are serving probation or are on parole, you are entitled to vote. You must re-register to vote once you leave prison or have served your time. When registering to vote in Rhode Island, you must do so at least 30 days before the scheduled election or primary. If you miss the deadline, you may still register to vote for President and Vice-President on the day of the election at the local Board of Canvassers.

How a Felon in Rhode Island Can Restore Their Voting Rights

In order to be considered eligible to vote in Rhode Island, you must be –

· At least 18 years old before the date of the next Election day

· A US citizen and resident of Rhode Island

· Judged as mentally competent by a court

· Released from prison (not incarcerated)

If you are a first-time applicant and submit your registration form by mail or it is delivered, you must provide your valid RI ID number, which is issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles, or present a valid driver’s license. If you do not possess these forms of ID, then you are required to submit the last 4 digits of your social security number. If you don’t have the social security information, you can still offer one or more of the following IDs:

· US passport

· US military ID card

· Employee ID card

· Insurance plan ID card

· Utility bill

· Bank statement

· Rental or lease agreement

Any reasonable facsimiles of the above listings can usually be used.

To obtain the voter registration form, you cannot access the paperwork online as Rhode Island does not offer online voter registration.

You can register to vote in person at one of a number of places, including the Board of Elections or Board of Canvassers. Many agencies that provide services to the public offer voter registration. These places include the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Human Services, or Department of Mental Health. While you cannot register online, you can access your account and verify your registration. You can find out additional details by clicking on this link.

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