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In an effort to connect all of the wonderful people that come to this website, we’ve created a Facebook community specifically dedicated to all of those who are dealing with the struggles of reentry. The goal is to give you a place to share tips, tricks, resources, stories, and more, to help each other in dealing with the challenges faced everyday. In addition to that, we stay in touch with our community to understand exactly what it is that they need to make our website better.

If you’d like to join this helpful and friendly community, you need to do two things

1) Review the Group Rules and Guidelines (Listed below)

2) Join our email list (Don’t worry, we hate SPAM emails as much as you and respect your privacy)

We have you join our email list because we want to make sure you are kept up to date about the most recent happenings at JobsForFelonsHub and are aware of any helpful changes we make to the website. Please note that we ONLY accept people into the Facebook community who have submitted their email address.

And as an FYI, the name of the Facebook group isn’t “JOBS FOR FELONS HUB” which would be a pretty awful name considering the sensitive subject matter we are dealing with, and it’s also private so the only people who can see what you write there are those who are in the group.

Group Rules and Guidelines​

By being part of this group you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree please do not request membership to the group.

1. No promos are allowed, ever. If you promote anything you are working on personally, the staff at JobsForFelonsHub will ban you.

Definition of promo:

-selling anything(product, services, course, program)

-promoting a webinar or live event

-asking for feedback on OR mentioning upcoming webinars with the actual title of the webinar listed in the post (ex: “I have an upcoming webinar called _____” or”What do you think of this ______ as the title of my upcoming webinar?”)

-posting a link to your OWN website (praising others and posting THEIR links is okay) -posting links to your social media profiles (FB, Twitter, IG, Periscope, etc)or posting your “handle” unless someone directly asks for it

-posting any images or photos that have your website URL on them

-linking to a personal blog post or video directly on the main wall

-posting links to your Youtube Channel or videos that promote you/your business -posting directly from your business page into the group -asking people to message you for a “free consultation” of any type

-no posting affiliate links to get people to sign up in other programs or platforms

Basically, don’t promote anything you personally own or are somehow connected to. This group has been made to HELP those who need it, not to push products or services.

2. Be nice. If you area jerk we’ll kick you out. No second chances. This is a place for helping others. Not criticizing. So think before you comment. Ask yourself “Is this comment going to support the original poster and help them grow (spiritually or business wise)?”

3. Give genuine feedback to others. We are here to help each other.

4. Posting links to personal blog posts and video in the COMMENTS of someone’s thread is okay. If someone asks a question and you have content that can help them, feel free to comment with any links you’d like. This is great if you do YouTube tutorials.If someone asks a question go ahead and post a video with the answer in the comments on their question.

5. No creating new documents in the group. Any documents/files not created by our team will be deleted.

6. If someone posts information that is intimate and personal please do not share this information outside of this group. I want this group to be a safe place for people to vent,cry, and share struggles. Let’s help each other the best we can. Let’s show love and compassion and support for people when they are overwhelmed and frustrated. 7. Do not personally message people or email people spamming them after you find them in this group. Pitching to people in a private message will get you banned from the group.

8. Anyone suspected of performing or communicating about any type of illegal activity of any kind will be banned and reported to Facebook, who may report your information to your local police department. As all of you know, this isa place to help everyone get employed again, not a place to participate in illegal activities.

If you break the rules, the JobsForFelonsHub team reserves the right to remove you as we see fit.