Does Target Hire Felons Or Run Background Checks?

While getting out of prison can be a huge relief for felons, there is also a great deal of anxiety that comes along with it. This is especially true in looking for a job

Felons who may have previously worked in a retail store might consider applying at a place like Target. Part of the question in being hired for this company is whether Target runs background checks.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • Does Target Run Background Checks?
  • What Does Target Look For In A Background Check?
  • Does Target Hire Felons?
  • Can You Get A Job At Target With A Misdemeanor? 
  • Offenses That May Disqualify You From Working At Target

Does Target Run Background Checks?

Target is a major retail store, founded in 1902, and second largest in the U.S. They currently have more than 1,900 locations and approximately 341,000 employees.

Target takes pride in the diversity of its employees in their backgrounds and previous experience. The company values teamwork and employees who provide friendly customer service while working hard.  Team members are an important part of Target.

Many positions are frequently available, including such jobs as cashier, stock clerk, and sales associate along with working in the warehouse.

Let’s take a look at the application process to understand exactly what is involved.

Applying for a job at Target begins by filling out an online application or by applying in a local store. Applicants must be at least 16 years old with proof of their eligibility to work in this country.

There is no question on the application regarding criminal history. This question was removed in 2013. Timeliness is also an important factor. 

This prevents Target from rejecting an applicant just because of a criminal conviction, which is discrimination. The issue of criminal history is considered later in the application process.

There are general background questions, and the application has a 50-question personality test, examining traits like being rebellious, daydreaming, and believing in honesty.

Target informs applicants not to disclose arrests or any convictions which have been:

Target interviews candidates they may be interested in hiring. Interview questions will look at personal factors such as naming your greatest accomplishment and your worst flaw. You will also be asked about how you will contribute to the Target family.

There is also a drug test for applicants that Target is considering hiring.

In the interview, all questions regarding criminal history need to be answered honestly. A background check will be run on anyone Target is considering hiring, which will take approximately one week.  

It is essential to be completely honest about all information, especially if it has a direct relationship to the felony conviction. In going into an interview, felons would give themselves the best chance by disclosing the felony during the interview. That would help defuse any unexpected surprise that might occur.

Remember in scheduling an interview that you need to be flexible in setting up the appointment.

While in the interview, it is important to be positive and confident, telling the interviewer what you can contribute to Target.

As a felon, you would have your best chance at getting a job at Target by having your record expunged.

What Does Target Look For In A Background Check?

Now that we know that Target runs background checks, here are some facts to know. One of the main reasons a background check is completed to verify the information that has been reported on the application.

The Target background check looks at any felony conviction in the past seven years.

The Target policy is to not hire individuals whose convictions could pose a significant risk to guests, team members, or the company property.

Target does take into consideration how long ago that conviction was and the type of offense. It also looks at the number of convictions and whether the sentence was completed with no further violations.  It also considers the age of the applicant when the crime was committed.  

All information must be accurately reported, so honesty is very important.

To help you be on top of things, you can run a background check on yourself. In fact, we recommend doing exactly that to know what Target will see. It helps to be prepared.

Does Target Hire Felons?

Yes, Target hires felons. This does not mean that they will hire all felons, but they may be willing to consider felon applicants based on several factors. 

These include the nature of the felony conviction and its severity. Those with more serious offenses may be at a disadvantage in being hired.

It also makes a difference as to how long ago the offense occurred. More distant crimes will be looked at differently from those committed more recently, especially if there is evidence of rehabilitation efforts to better yourself through community involvement.

The location of the store also makes a difference. Those locations which have a greater hiring need may be more willing to hire felon applicants than a location that has less need to bring in new employees.

Jobs typically available to a felon at target include entry-level positions such as:

  • Clerk
  • Stocker
  • Warehouse worker

To give yourself the best chance at being hired, it is important for you to know your criminal history. Attempts to cover up any felony conviction will make it appear you are being dishonest. Employers know that you are aware of your criminal history.

It is best to be open about your involvement with the criminal justice system. On the application as well as in the interview, remember to focus on your positive aspects and your work history. Let Target know you would be a valuable team member.

Can You Get A Job At Target With A Misdemeanor?

Just as you can get a job at Target with a felony conviction, you can also be hired with a misdemeanor on your record. While a misdemeanor is viewed as less serious than a felony, there is still the common view of a criminal record.

That is, crimes that occurred longer ago will be seen as less severe than those that happened more recently. The same is true for rehabilitation efforts and keeping a clean record.

All of these factors make a significant difference in the hiring process.

Offenses That May Disqualify You From Working At Target

As stated above, not all felons will be hired at Target. One of the critical factors is the nature of the felony conviction.

There are several types of felonies that may make it extremely difficult enough to be hired at Target.  Anyone convicted of a financial crime may have difficulty getting a job at Target working as a cashier. 

A felon who was involved in a theft or robbery will have difficulty getting a job in the warehouse. A conviction involving automobiles or DUI will eliminate them from any type of driving job at Target.

These are all felonies that the company will consider more negatively and are felonies that Target views as placing customers, fellow employees, and the company at risk of harm.

All of these are taken quite seriously.

While getting a job at Target can be challenging, it is important not to get discouraged and give up. There are a few things to keep in mind.

A few tips at getting hired at Target include being willing to work different hours and in various locations. Having reliable references and a current resume will also be important. Of course, honesty is very critical.  

It is important to let the hiring manager know that you will make an excellent employee. While it is a difficult process, it is important not to get discouraged. 

Not everyone who applies at Target will pass the background check. It is not the end of the world to fail the background check. There are other jobs available with different employers. 

Try to learn from the experience. Consider what went well in the interview and what didn’t. Use that to your advantage next time.

So what do you think about this blog post about whether Target does background checks? Have you or someone you know had Target do a background check? What was that like and were they successful with it?  Please tell us in the comments below.