900+ Companies That Hire Felons - ACCURATE LIST Updated Weekly

Companies That Hire Felons

One of the biggest problems with the different lists of companies that hire felons on the internet is that many of them are not always accurate and most only include large companies.  While this is helpful to a point, we've taken things a few steps further to give you the absolute best results. 

First, we've segmented our listings of companies that hire felons by city and state.  This helps our website visitors because it shows them listings in their area as opposed to a large list of companies that may not even have a presence in their geographic location. 

Second, our database has a significant number of small and medium sized businesses that are updated weekly.  We get this data from our own job board when companies post a job opening with us.  These job opportunities are the best listings on the internet because these are companies that have actually tried to hire someone through our website.

Things to Know Before You Apply

Before you begin applying to any of these companies, there are some things you need to know in order to be successful in your job search.

1)  Apply Often to Find Success:  One of the keys to finding success in your job search is to apply for every single position you have a remote interest in.  Even if it's not your ideal job, applying to something that you have a small interest in is better than not applying at all.  Our experience has shown us that you shouldn't be picky in your job search.  Instead, apply to as much as possible to try to find the right fit.  This is a numbers game.  The more jobs you apply to, the higher the likelihood is that you'll get employed.  We recommend that you use our job search here to find positions in your area that you can apply to today.

2)  Small and Medium Businesses are Your Best Chance:  We've found that typically the best companies to apply to are small/medium sized businesses.  This is because they don't typically have universal corporate policies that limit the ability of who managers can hire.  Plus, in certain situations, these businesses may not even run a background check.  If you're worried about the background check and want to see exactly what comes up before you begin applying, we recommend using this website.  

3)  We have the Largest and Most Accurate List of Employers Available:  Because we've put in hundreds of hours of research and made sure that all companies listed on our website have either posted a job on our job board directly, or we've found at least three different instances where individuals have stated that they were working at the company with a felony, we can say confidently that we have the best list of companies that hire ex-offenders on the internet.  This list is expanding every single week and continues to grow with time as we are told by our followers what companies we should add and as we get more companies posting to us directly.  As of now, we have a total of 942 companies listed on our website and it updates frequently.

4)  Go to Every Interview, Even if it's For Practice:  When you're applying to work at these companies, or any of the job listings you find from the job search on this page, make sure that you go to every single interview that you're offered.  Just like everything else in life, experience and practice will make you a more polished interviewee so that when that great job opportunity comes along, you'll be able to impress the interviewer.  

5)  We Don't Segment by Type of Felony:  Though we'd love to be able to do it, we simply cannot segment employers by the type of offense that they're hiring team is willing to accept from applicants.  It's hard enough to find companies that are willing to hire ex-offenders and it's impossible to figure out what offenses they are unwilling to take a chance on.  That said, regardless of your felons, we urge you to still apply as they may not even run a background check.  

6)  The Company May Not be Hiring Right Now:  Even though this list is extremely detailed and undoubtedly helpful, keep in mind that not all of these companies will be hiring right now.  That's why we encourage folks to use the job search here, because these will show job listings of companies that are willing to hire felons, not just the list of companies we have confirmed. 

7)  The Company May Not Hire You Even if They Hire Ex-Offenders:  Just because you applied to a job doesn't mean you're going to get it.  Even if you have an amazing background for the job and plenty of experience, there are a lot of factors that go into a hiring decision that are beyond your (and our) control.  Things such as who the hiring manager is and who they want on their team, when the felony occurred, what the charge is, what the nature of the job is, etc.  If you get turned down 100 times, don't give up!  Because that 101st application might be the one that finally gets you hired.

8)  You'll Be Rejected...a lot:  The unfortunate truth is that with a felony on your record, there will be a LOT of rejection in your job search.  You can expect and anticipate this.  The key to being successful is to never give up and to continually keep trying to find a job day-in and day-out.  The ones that tell us they found a job are the ones that kept at it and the persistence will pay off.  If you want to talk to others about your experience and need a pick me up, feel free to join our Facebook group of over 10,000 others dealing with the same problems that you are.

Companies That Hire Felons - Full List

As of right now, we have 942 companies in our database that we know hire felons.  We know this because all of these companies have either posted a job on our job board directly, or we have researched to find at least three different instances where individuals have stated that they were working at the company with a felony.  The accuracy of our list is the most important aspect because we want to make sure that we don't waste the time of those searching for jobs.

Because our list is so large, we've added the ability to filter options to help make your job search as easy as possible.  You can scroll below to see the list in it's entirety, or use our filters to find the best opportunities in your area.

Zia’s On the Hill

Industry: Restaurants and Food Service
Company Size: Small
Source of Data:  
Felon Friendly Job Board Posting This company posted a job opening directly to our website in the past.

About: Zia's has been serving authentic Italian food for over 25 years. We are a full service, family owned Italian restaurant located "On the Hill" in St. Louis. Zia's offers catering for your special events and has also just introduced an Italian Food Truck hitting the St. Louis streets. Zia's On the Hill has all that one could wish for in an Italian restaurant. Named for owners Dennis and Angelo Chiodini's two aunts, who were great cooks ("zia" is Italian for aunt), dining at Zia's is like eating at a friend's home!
Zoë Facility Services

Industry: Building & Personnel Services
Company Size: Small
Source of Data:  
Felon Friendly Job Board Posting This company posted a job opening directly to our website in the past.

About: Commercial and janitorial cleaning services that keep your facilities clean and safe while freeing you up to focus on your core objectives.

Companies That Hire Felons By State

If you'd prefer to only see companies that hire felons in your state, then this is area is for you.  Simple select your state below and we'll show you all companies in your area that are willing to give you a second chance.