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Does the Navy Accept Felons?

Does the navy accept felons?
So, you have a felony and you’re thinking about joining the Navy.  But the obvious question to answer is, does the navy accept felons?  The answer might surprise you… The Navy will accept felons in certain cases. However, it is not a hard-and-fast rule of this branch of the military ...
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Do Felons Get Drafted?

Do Felons get drafted?
The military draft is an essential part of the armed forces of the United States.  Though it isn’t likely there will be a draft in the near future, those who have been incarcerated may wonder if felons get drafted.  This post will answer that question and explain what felons need to know a...
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Does the Army Accept Felons?

Does the army accept felons
Sometimes, the best solution for someone with a felony is to join the Army.  But the question is, does the army accept felons?  The Army maintains stringent moral requirements for army recruits. However, that does not mean that a conviction for a felony will preclude the Army from taking your ap...
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