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Can a Felon Get a Security Clearance?

Can a Felon Get a Security Clearance
Why would felons want to get a security clearance? Isn’t it challenging enough to find a job, any job? Well, there might be circumstances in which you might need to obtain a security clearance, but you may not know how or even if you can get one. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s involved....
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Can a Felon Become a Navy SEAL?

Can a Felon Become a Navy SEAL
Some felons have the desire to serve their country and many have done so before their incarceration. For those that still want to serve and that have the desire to be in a special force in the military, they may have thoughts of becoming a Navy SEAL. This blog post will address the issue of [&hell...
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Can a Felon Join the Peace Corps?

Can a felon join the peace corps
Getting a job with a felony, while not at all easy, is not impossible.  It just seems that way. Many felons may have had the desire before their felony conviction to be of service to others, to make a difference to people in another country. This blog post will cover the question of whether felon...
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Will a Felony Affect using a GI Bill?

Will a felony effect using a GI bill
The GI Bill is a privilege those in the military sign up for while on active duty.  It provides for tuition and housing allowance while attending school after completing their enlistment with an honorable discharge. After that time, the GI Bill benefits remain available for 10 years following act...
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Does the Marine Corps Accept Felons

DOes the marine corps accept felons
One of the best options for a felon is to join the military as it gives them a way out of their current situation and allows them to change their life positively.  While this is great, not all branches of the military will accept felons.  A question that many felons ask is, does the marine [&hel...
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