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When Does a Felony Fall Off Your Record?

When does a felony fall off your record
There are approximately seven million persons in the U.S. serving time in prison.  In addition there are millions of others who have been released, having served their time for their offenses. Even after their release there are consequences to be paid for those transgressions.  Those are called ...
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How Does Bail Work?

How Does Bail Work
When someone is arrested for suspicion of a crime and taken to jail, he will go through the process called booking.  This is when the arrested person is fingerprinted, has a mug shot taken, and provides a statement. After that, he may be held in custody until the time that their case goes to tria...
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Do Felonies Stay on Your Record?

Do felonies stay on your record
Having a felony on your is never a positive thing and the quicker it leaves, the better off you’ll be.  But many people wonder if felonies stay on your record and the answer is, well, it depends.  In this blog post we will answer this question and try to help you better understand what you...
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