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How Will a DUI Affect My Life?

How will a DUI Affect my life
The most common criminal offense in the U.S. is a DUI.  For those with a DUI on their record they probably know how troubling this can be. As someone who has this charge against them, when they got their DUI they probably didn’t think about whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony. There is [&h...
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Legal Issues

How Can a Felony be Expunged?

How can a felony be expunged
As felons know, a federal conviction can follow them for the rest of their life as long as it remains on their record. The previous blog post covered how to apply for clemency as a means of eliminating the consequences of having a felony even though the conviction remains on their record. Another ...
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Legal Issues

What Does Felony Indictment Mean?

What does felony indictment mean
There are many steps in the legal process before a defendant even goes to trial.  One of these steps involves presenting the charges, a felony indictment, to the defendant in court. This blog post will cover the different aspects of a felony indictment. What is a Felony Indictment and its Purpose...
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Government Programs Legal Issues

How to Apply for Clemency

How to apply for clemency
Felons know how challenging it can be as they move forward in life with a felony on their record. It seems like the conviction penalties follow them no matter what they do and affects all aspects of their life from finding a job, to obtaining housing, continuing their education, or obtaining a loa...
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Finding Employment Legal Issues

When Does a Felony Fall Off Your Record?

When does a felony fall off your record
There are approximately seven million persons in the U.S. serving time in prison.  In addition there are millions of others who have been released, having served their time for their offenses. Even after their release there are consequences to be paid for those transgressions.  Those are called ...
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