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What Does Undesignated Felony Mean?

What does undesignated felony mean
The more serious crimes committed by offenders are designated as a felony. The more serious the crime, the longer the sentence it carries. When we say that a crime is a designated felony, does that mean that there is such a thing as an undesignated felony? This blog post will cover what an undesig...
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Do Felons Get Tax Refunds?

Felons face numerous challenges as they prepare to get back into society again.  That felony conviction cost them and their families so much. It can be such a mountain to climb.  They were away from their families for so long. They know they face the enormous difficulty of finding a job upon rel...
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What Is Record Sealing and How Does It Work?

As felons know all too well, a felony conviction can follow them for the remainder of their lives. There are ways to deal with this, however.  A previous blog post explained how clemency can eliminate the consequences of a felony even though the conviction remains on their record. Another method ...
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Will a Felony Revoke Citizenship?

Felons face many restrictions on their rights following a conviction.  They lose the right to vote, hold public office, serve on a jury, and hold certain licenses required in many professions. Of course as natural citizens of the United States, citizenship is not lost as a result of a felony conv...
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What Does Felony Dismissal Date Mean?

As felons know, whether they are new to the legal system or have been through it before, there are certain steps that take place early in the process. One of these steps is the formal presentation of the charges in court, called a felony indictment. Please see the earlier blog post What Does Felon...
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