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Can a Felon Get Business Insurance?

Can a Felon Get Business Insurance
Some felons completing their sentence may look for something in a different field, requiring more education or learning new skills. There are resources available for them to find employment. Some may want to take a different route and open a business of their own. This blog post will address the i...
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Can a Felon Get a USDA Loan?

can a felon get a usda loan
Housing options may be limited for felons recently out of prison, but there are resources available. At some point, felons may want to consider a house. Renting a house is one thing while buying a house is a different matter. One of the critical factors in buying a house is financing a mortgage. T...
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Can a Felon Become a Foster Parent?

Can a felon become a foster parent
Felons are typically incarcerated for a number of years and separated from their families. All involved suffer from this time apart. When felons do return home, they are eager to rejoin their family. They may already have children or may even want to offer children without a stable family situatio...
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Civilian Rights Legal Issues

Do Apartments Run Background Checks?

Do apartment run background checks
Felons typically find that most things are challenging when they return to society.  These include finding a job as well as a place to live. Much of society seems to turn its back on felons, and opportunities are not easily found. Felons do have options for somewhere to live even though they may ...
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How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

Probably the biggest challenge that felons face after their release is finding a job. Employers typically conduct a background check on applicants before hiring someone, but felons may not know exactly what will be discovered.  Knowing what they face can help in preparing them for the results no ...
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