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How to Apply for Clemency

How to apply for clemency
Felons know how challenging it can be as they move forward in life with a felony on their record. It seems like the conviction penalties follow them no matter what they do and affects all aspects of their life from finding a job, to obtaining housing, continuing their education, or obtaining a loa...
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Government Grants for Felons

Government grants for felons
In order to receive government assistance through a grant, you need to know the definition of a grant. A grant is funding that is provided to an individual that is not repaid. As a result, grants are given on a basis of need. In other words, if you have a job and are making $50,000 […]...
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Do Felons Forfeit Pension Benefits?

Do felons forfeit pension benefits
Certain state laws mandate that benefits established for public officials or public servants not be paid to those individuals convicted of a felony, especially any crime that arises in connection with a job or service with an agency. For example, in Illinois, you won’t be paid your pension benef...
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Do Felons Qualify for Medicaid?

Do Felons qualify for medicaid
Medicaid is an essential to many people in the United States.  With rising medical costs, many people are unable to afford healthcare at all and the only way for them to survive is to get assistance.  The question is, do felons qualify for Medicaid?  In this post we’ll answer that questio...
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Do Felons Get Social Security?

Do felons get social security
Once you begin to transition back into the mainstream, you can once again reassert yourself in obtaining your rightful benefits. The Federal Interagency Re-entry Council partners with federal agencies so felons can find gainful employment and obtain assistance for food, shelter and health care. Wh...
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