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Can Felons Get Public Housing?

Can felons get public housing
Finding a place to live after release from prison is another of the challenges felons face in addition to finding a job. Finding housing may not be easy to do. This can create a lot of anxiety and fear of where they might live and how to find a place. The options might seem limited. […]...
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Will a Felony Affect the FAFSA?

Will a felony affect FAFSA
Finding a job with a felony conviction is difficult.  It is probably the biggest challenge a felon faces. For many, their old job is probably gone.  They may have to start over in a new career. One way to begin a new career is to get additional education.  This can be expensive, and felons may ...
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Can a Felon Get a Driver’s License?

can a felon get a drivers license
A prison term poses major restrictions on felons.  They lose their freedom and the ability to move about as they want. For many, this was very important to them prior to being incarcerated.  Just being able to leave their house or apartment, get in their car and drive was important to them. How ...
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Can a Felon Join the Peace Corps?

Can a felon join the peace corps
Getting a job with a felony, while not at all easy, is not impossible.  It just seems that way. Many felons may have had the desire before their felony conviction to be of service to others, to make a difference to people in another country. This blog post will cover the question of whether felon...
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Can a Felon Get Health Insurance?

While incarcerated, felons’ health care is provided by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), which oversees the custody and care of over 195,000 persons currently serving sentences for crimes committed. Even if felons have insurance coverage through a regular health care plan, those policies are not acti...
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