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What Truck Driving Schools Accept Felons?

What truck driving schools accept felons
Finding a job after you have been incarcerated can difficult; however, if you know what companies hire felons, you will be just that much farther ahead in your search for a job and integration into the mainstream. If you’re looking for a list of those companies, make sure to check out our li...
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Do Trade Schools Accept Felons?

Do trade schools accept felons
A common question asked by many is whether or not trade schools accept felons.  A trade school or vocational college typically will accept enrollees that have a criminal history and most programs are open to felons. However, before you begin a training or educational program, you need to thorough...
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Temp Agencies that Hire Felons

Temp Agencies that hire felons
One of the most positive ways to obtain employment when you are a felon is by using temporary employment agencies in which to find a job. As a temporary worker, you have the opportunity to prove both your competence and reliability. Employers who are pleased with a temporary worker’s work will...
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How to Write a Resume With a Felony

How to write a resume with a felony
  Editors Note:  The following blog post is a summarized excerpt from our free guide.  If you’re in the midst of a job search with a felony on your record, or know someone who is, we highly recommend that you sign up to get access.  The guide is available for download right now and h...
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How to Get a Job With a Felony Drug Conviction

One of the worst things that you can have on your record when trying to get a job is a felony drug conviction, but will this completely disqualify you from ever getting a job ever again? Truth be told, if you ever have to check “Yes” to the dreaded, “Have you ever been convicted ...
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