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Finding Employment Legal Issues

What Does Felony Dismissal Date Mean?

As felons know, whether they are new to the legal system or have been through it before, there are certain steps that take place early in the process. One of these steps is the formal presentation of the charges in court, called a felony indictment. Please see the earlier blog post What Does Felon...
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Civilian Rights Finding Employment Legal Issues

Will a Felony Get Me Fired?

Will a felony get me fired
As felons know, having a criminal record creates a huge challenge in finding a job after incarceration ends.  Even though the formal sentence may be finished, the aftereffects linger for years. The good news though is that there are employers who will hire felons. Once felons get a job, it would ...
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Ban The Box States – What You Need to Know

Ban the box states
One of the biggest challenges felons face after being released is finding a job.  Almost 90% of all employers conduct background checks as part of the hiring process. This makes it extremely difficult for felons to advance in their job search.  Within the first year following their release from ...
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Finding Employment Legal Issues

When Does a Felony Fall Off Your Record?

When does a felony fall off your record
There are approximately seven million persons in the U.S. serving time in prison.  In addition there are millions of others who have been released, having served their time for their offenses. Even after their release there are consequences to be paid for those transgressions.  Those are called ...
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Finding Employment

Jobs That Felons Can Get

Jobs that felons can get
If you are currently looking for a job, you cannot afford to be picky. To get your foot into the employment door fast, you need to know which jobs are the easiest to obtain. Start your job search by looking at the following jobs first before eventually settling into your niche.  Believe it or not...
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