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Will a Felony Show Up in Another State?

Probably the biggest challenge that felons face after their release is to find a job. Employers typically conduct a background check on applicants, making it even more difficult to find a job. This is especially true when felons’ criminal record is extensive, and felons have lived in several sta...
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Finding Employment Legal Issues

What Does It Mean to be Absconded From Parole or Probation?

Felons serving their time in prison look forward to their release even though they must typically complete a period of parole or probation on their return to society. While they are on parole or probation, they must adhere to certain conditions.  If they fail to comply, there will be consequences...
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Finding Employment Mindset

How Can a Felon Make Good Money?

How can a felon make good money
As those who have been convicted of a felony realize, life as they knew it prior to the conviction is over. That doesn’t mean that life is over, just that nothing will ever be the same again. Jobs are difficult to find.  While there are employers who will hire felons, many of those jobs are [&h...
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Finding Employment

Can a Felon Become a Personal Care Assistant?

Can felon become personal care assistant
Many felons can recall their own medical treatment while incarcerated, going to sick call and being greeted by a friendly, compassionate nurse, nurses’ aide, or other caregiver. They may also recall the quality treatment they received from their doctor with the able assistance of that physician...
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Finding Employment

Can a Felon Drive a School Bus?

Can a felon drive a school bus
Following release from prison, felons want to return to society and resume their lives. Many who have served a long sentence may not have the best job skills or job history. Those who are released, after being locked up for so long, spending most of their time inside a confined space, often think ...
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