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Can a Felon Get a Driver’s License?

can a felon get a drivers license
Having a driver’s license is important for most people when working at a job. Not holding a license can prove to be an obstacle. Felons face enough challenges in finding a job. So, can a felon get a driver’s license? Let’s take a look at this question. In this blog post, we’ll cover the fo...
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Can a Felon Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Can a Felon Get a Medical Marijuana Card
Felons who have been incarcerated a long time are exposed to a variety of illnesses. These can become chronic medical conditions that they will have to deal with long after they return to society. Some of these may not respond to traditional medical treatment, leading them to seek alternative care...
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Can a Felon Qualify for an FHA Loan?

can felon qualify for fha loan
As if finding a job after release from prison wasn’t enough of a challenge, felons must also deal with finding a place to live. There are resources, however. Many think of buying a house. They might want to explore an FHA loan. Of course, the question is whether a felon can get an FHA loan. [&he...
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Can Felons Run for Public Office?

Can felons run for public office
Political aspirations don’t die out even after a felony conviction and serving a lengthy prison sentence. It may seem like an impossibility to serve in a governmental capacity. Well, don’t be so quick to give up. Maybe you can be elected to an office whether at the federal, state, or local lev...
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Do Felons Get Jury Duty?

Do felons get jury duty
Before their conviction, felons may have participated in some of the typical civil procedures like serving on a jury. Now that they have been released from prison, they often no longer qualify for many of these things. How about serving on a jury? The question is whether felons get jury duty. In t...
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