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How Will a DUI Affect My Life?

How will a DUI Affect my life
The most common criminal offense in the U.S. is a DUI.  For those with a DUI on their record they probably know how troubling this can be. As someone who has this charge against them, when they got their DUI they probably didn’t think about whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony. There is [&h...
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Ban The Box States – What You Need to Know

Ban the box states
One of the biggest challenges felons face after being released is finding a job.  Almost 90% of all employers conduct background checks as part of the hiring process. This makes it extremely difficult for felons to advance in their job search.  Within the first year following their release from ...
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Do Felons Lose Parental Rights?

Do felons lose parental rights
Being a felon isn’t ideal for anyone, but things become a little more difficult when a felon is also a parent.  A common thing that is wondered by felons is if they will lose their parental right due to their felony conviction. In this blog post we will give an answer to that question and [...
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Do Felons Get Jury Duty?

Do felons get jury duty
Love it or hate it, one of the things that many Americans get do once or twice in their lifetime is participate in jury duty.  But, do felons get jury duty?  It’s a question asked by many and this post tries to explain everything you need to know about jury duty as a convicted felon. [&hel...
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