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Can Felons Run for Public Office?

Can felons run for public office
Political aspirations don’t die out even after a felony conviction and serving a lengthy prison sentence. It may seem like an impossibility to serve in a governmental capacity. Well, don’t be so quick to give up. Maybe you can be elected to an office whether at the federal, state, or local lev...
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Do Felons Get Jury Duty?

Do felons get jury duty
Before their conviction, felons may have participated in some of the typical civil procedures like serving on a jury. Now that they have been released from prison, they often no longer qualify for many of these things. How about serving on a jury? The question is whether felons get jury duty. In t...
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Can a Felon Become a Mayor?

Can a Felon Become a Mayor
After their release from prison, many felons look for ways to reenter society and once again become a productive citizen. Some may have had previous political aspirations while for others this may be an entirely new idea.   Holding public office as a way of contributing to society may be a possi...
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Can a Felon Get a Concealed Carry Permit?

Can a Felon Get a Concealed Carry Permit
After being released from prison for a felony, it can be hard to understand what individual rights change. State and federal restrictions don’t always work together, and it’s hard to get through the red tape. Getting help in restoring firearm rights and navigating the red tape is not s...
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Can a Felon Become a Sovereign Citizen?

Can a Felon Become a Sovereign Citizen
It is a longstanding American tradition to openly protest and disagree with laws, taxes, and regulations put in place by the government leaders. While most citizens would restrict themselves to peaceful protesting, some do not stop there. Citizens that heavily oppose the government may go to the e...
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