Can a Felon Work for UPS?
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Can a Felon Work for UPS?

Can a felon work for UPS

Completing a prison sentence puts felons in an extremely challenging position.

Not only do they face the general issue of returning to their families and society, but there is the typically overwhelming obstacle of getting a job.

That can seem insurmountable.  Where do they turn?  How do they succeed?

According to the free Guide to Becoming Employed, there are success stories.

Those who have a goal and the persistence it takes, can get that job.  There are employers who will hire felons.

Is UPS one of those employers who will hire them?

This blog post will address the question of whether a felon can work for UPS.

  • Why Work for UPS?
  • Application Process
  • Guidelines for Hiring Felons
  • Steps to Take
  • Encouraging Felons Working for UPS

Why Work for UPS?

UPS is one of the largest and most successful package shipping companies worldwide with facilities in over 300 countries.

Employment with UPS is on a variety of levels from package handlers to drivers to management type positions.

Most employees for UPS begin as package handlers or drivers.  The encouraging news here is that UPS hires about 90,000 employees for the holiday season alone as part-time package handlers.

Package handlers typically work part-time, three to five hour shifts on various days and at different times.

Here are the areas to concentrate on for felons interested in working for UPS.

Application Process

Applications for UPS employment are completed and submitted online.  Typical questions include basic information such as address, email address, phone number, and Social Security number.

Depending on the position, references may be required, such as previous employers and not family members.

Regardless, UPS will contact those they are interested in interviewing.

Those invited in will attend a group orientation of 10-15 fellow applicants.  This stage of the interview will include a few minutes individually with one of the hiring managers.

At this time, specific job duties will be covered.

Questions here will address the physical demands of the job, including the requirements for lifting 70 pounds.

During this first phase, a background check will be requested.

Wait a minute!  Isn’t this where felons get off?  There’s that dreaded background check again.

That’s where all of their job interviews end.  They offer thanks for coming in for the interview and tell them they will call if they are interested.

Yeah, right!

Well the good news here is that UPS will consider hiring felons.  That doesn’t, of course, mean they will hire all felons who apply.

There are considerations from the company.

Guidelines for Hiring Felons

OK, what are they?

Spokespersons for UPS state that there is no overall policy for hiring felons.  They make decisions on a case to case basis.

Those felons who have been hired by UPS have had the most success in being hired for part-time package handler/warehouse positions.  Those are physically demanding jobs, but they are the most common positions UPS hires for.

The most important information in their guidelines is the length of time since release from prison, the type of felony conviction, and whether there are multiple felonies.

Obviously, UPS will more likely consider felons who are serious about successful re-entry into society.

They want felons who are honest about their conviction and willing to openly discuss the details surrounding that conviction.  They also want applicants who have made significant efforts toward rehabilitation.

Steps to Take

Felons can go through a re-entry program or get further education and training to get the knowledge and skills they need.

Seeking expungement or sealing of their records can pay big dividends.

When it comes to their employment record, having a quality resume is essential.

Felons need to be willing to do what it takes.

As with many felons, there is always the worry about where their next job will come from, especially if they are hired for seasonal work for UPS.

So, where is that next job very likely to come from for felons at UPS?  Well, they are there already, working hard and waiting patiently to be promoted to that next job, also for UPS.

One fact about UPS is that they tend to hire from within.  This means those who persevere as package handlers have a reasonable chance to be promoted.

Felons must take their situation seriously and have a goal of working for UPS.  No, it won’t be easy to get hired.

But there is an opportunity available to those who want it.

Doing the things that it will take to reach that goal and get a job at UPS will be challenging, but what hasn’t been since leaving prison?

The Guide to Getting Employed is available to those who want that goal.  There are stories of success and tips for presenting themselves in a favorable light.

Encouraging Felons Working for UPS

For families of felons wanting to work for UPS, take the time to help your loved one in their efforts to get further education or training.

Support them in returning to society and finding a way to succeed and make a difference.

An earlier blog post showed felons make good employees.  Help your loved one demonstrate that they can be that good employee.

UPS needs quality employees.  There is no reason why your loved one can’t be that quality employee.

What do you think about this blog post?  Are you or someone you know been in the situation of trying to get a job with UPS with a felony?  What was that like for them, and how did they achieve success?  Please tell us in the comments below.


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