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Legal Issues

Will a Juvenile Felony Show Up on a Background Check?

You may have a felony record that includes offenses that you committed as a teenager. When you apply for a job and get ready for a background check to be run, you might worry about whether these offenses will show up on the background check. Will a juvenile felony show up on a background check? [&...
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Government Programs Public Assistance Programs

Can Felons Get Welfare?

Can felons get welfare
Living after release from prison is certainly challenging. For some, this may mean some financial assistance, often in the form of some government help or welfare. The question is whether felons can get welfare. We’ll look at this issue. In this blog post, we’ll cover the following: What Is We...
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Finding Employment

Does FedEx Run Background Checks?

Does FedEx Run Background Checks
In looking for a job after prison, felons with experience with loading trucks or driving and delivery might consider applying for work with FedEx.  Of course, the question is whether FedEx runs a background check. We will look at this question. In this blog post, we’ll cover the following: Does...
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Civilian Rights

Can a Felon Visit Someone in Prison?

Can a felon visit someone in prison
After leaving prison, felons may want to visit someone who is currently incarcerated. This is a great way to offer support to a person going through what you have experienced. The question is whether you will be allowed to make that visit.  Can a felon visit someone in prison? Let’s look at thi...
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Civilian Rights Firearms

Can Felons Own a Muzzleloader?

When you are considering hunting again as a felon, you need to think about this very carefully. After all, you can’t use a traditional firearm. So, what can you do? You might think about using a muzzleloader.  Can a felon own a muzzleloader? Let’s look at this question. In this blog post, we...
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