Can a Felon Vote in Maryland? -

Can a Felon Vote in Maryland?

Maryland was granted statehood on April 28, 1788 when it became the 7th state in the US. The state capital is located at Annapolis and the biggest city is Baltimore. Maryland, which is the 42nd biggest US state, is comprised of approximately 12,400 miles. The residents who live in the state are called Marylanders.

Major industries are varied and many in the state and include agriculture, or the growing and harvesting of tobacco, soybeans, and corn as well as the manufacture of dairy products. The mining of coal, steel-making, fishing (catching oysters and crabs) and governmental services also are industries that are predominant in the state.

The highest point in the state is Backbone Mountain, which is 3,360 feet or 1,024 meters above sea level. The state is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The name, Maryland, was given the state to honor the Queen consort, Henrietta Maria (1609 to 1669), who was the wife of King Charles I of Britain.

The state’s motto is Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine” which translates to “Manly Deeds, Womanly Words.” “My Maryland, My Maryland” is the state song. Felons often sing the state song with great enthusiasm when they regain their civil rights, especially their right to vote.

Voting rights in the state are restored automatically to felons after they are released from prison. The rights are not revoked for felons serving probation.

The law, which went into effect on March 10, 2016, was enacted as SB 340-HB980. Forty thousand Marylanders now have the right to vote. The new legislation replaced the state’s prior practice of forbidding rights to felons until they completed every part of the sentences. You can read the details by following this link.

Felon Voting Law in Maryland

According to the State Board of Elections website, felons, as of March 10, 2016, who have completed a court-ordered sentence can vote in primary and general elections. However, felons do not quality to register if their crime has to do with the buying and selling of votes.

How a Felon in Maryland Can Restore Their Voting Rights

According to the State Board of Elections for the state, felons who have completed their sentences can submit a registration to vote online. This registration mandates proof in the form of a driver’s license number or a state-issued Id.

If you are a member of the military, or one of the family members in your home is a part of the military, you need to supply the last four numerals of your social security number. A Maryland-issued state ID or driver’s license, if provided, will be used to provide the MVA signature for the voter registration card.

If you don’t have the necessary ID or you wish to submit your application off-line, you may use the online platform to complete an application and mail it to the local board of elections in Maryland. You can find out more about the registration process by referring to this link.

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