Can a Felon Vote in Connecticut? -

Can a Felon Vote in Connecticut?

Connecticut, which was one of the original 13 colonies, became the 5th state to gain admittance to the US on January 9, 1788. The state capital is Harford and the biggest city in the small but thriving state is Bridgeport. The state, which contains just over 5,500 square miles, is the 48th largest state in the US.

People who live in Connecticut are known as Connecticuters. Major industries in the state include insurance, agriculture and tourism. Connecticut is the Presidential birthplace of George W. Bush, who was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven. He served as the 43rd President of the U.S.

The state, which only has 8 counties, derives its name from the Mohican/Algonquin Indian word for “long tidal river” – quonehtacut. The state nickname is the Constitution State while the state song is Yankee Doodle. The motto for the state reads, Qui transtulit sustinet, which means “He who is transplanted still sustains.” This simple phrasing also relates to felons in Connecticut who happily receive the right to vote again after being incarcerated.

In Connecticut, felons receive the right to vote again after they have served their sentence, including parole, and have paid all the necessary legal fines. Felons who are serving probation may vote. You can refer to this information by clicking this link. It leads to a site map and covers the voting rights for prisoners in the 50 United States.

Felon Voting Law in Connecticut

If you are convicted of a felony and are serving a prison sentence, you cannot vote until you are released from prison and have served your time for parole. After you have also paid any applicable legal fines, you will have your right to vote restored. In order to cast your ballot, you will need to re-register to vote. You can obtain an overview of this law by clicking on this link.

How a Felon in Connecticut Can Restore Their Voting Rights

In order to restore your voting rights, a felon can once again vote after serving his prison sentence and parole and paying any applicable legal fees or fines. Once these criteria are met, he needs to contact the Registrars of Voters in the locale where he lives to obtain the required voter registration card.

Voter registration cards are available at the public library, DMV or any other registration agency. The card should be completed and submitted to the registrars of voters in person or by mail. The felon can once again vote with one exception.

If the felon has committed a felony that coincides with Title 9 Connecticut Election statutes, his electoral privileges will be revoked until said time when has met specific requirements (including the payment of connected fines for incarceration) and has been completely discharged from probation. You can find out further details by clicking on this link.

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